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This website is all about the most beautiful, intelligent & well behaved* animal species in the world – cats. Discover our ever growing library of breed profiles to learn about the more purebred among us, or learn more about cats in general through in depth, well researched articles. From time to time we will also release bigger feature articles that cover one or multiple topics in the cat world in detail, with interviews, pretty looking graphics and other quite cool stuff. So stay tuned!

*Okay, I admit I was coerced into embellishing the truth a little by Freja, glaring at me from afar. She knows best after all. If you want to learn more about the human running this site, or the cats that own it, click here!

Cat Breeds

Learn all about new cat breeds by reading our comprehensive breed profiles covering each breed more thoroughly than any other cat site on the web!

About Proudwhiskers

Proudwhiskers came into existence when we got Freja into our home and I went from being a “dog person” to a “cat person”, or servant you might say. I loved trying to understand and learn about these elegant creatures and I subsequently discovered that the web has a lot of dubious information on cats. So this site is my dream to create a fact driven but funny, authoritative but friendly resource on our feline overlords.