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Our story

I never disliked cats, but I always considered myself a dog person growing up. I just had this impression of cats as less caring, less affectionate pets. Boy, was I wrong.

After moving in with my now fiancée and her cat Freja 3 years ago, I quickly turned from a dog person to a cat person.  I was immediately intrigued by these elegant creatures, and my inquisitive nature spurred me on to learn as much as I could about them.

This newfound passion resulted in the website you are currently on. ProudWhiskers was born as a result of wanting to share with the world what I had found out about our feline overlords.

In my research I also realized that there is a lot of misinformation and lacking information out there on the great internet about cats, and so I set out with the vision of creating a new authority on cats, that would deliver the highest quality content and information possible. 

It certainly does not hurt that my 
fiancée’s sister is a veterinarian who specializes in small animals (like cats!). Hopefully she and other veterinarians will soon become regular contributors on the site to make the information as accurate and authoritative as possible. 

Since starting this website we have gotten another addition to our family in Thor, an orphan stray cat that we rescued a year ago, giving me valuable experience in how to introduce a second cat to a household, and interpersonal relationships of felines.

But very few great things are created alone, and as such I am only a small part of Proudwhiskers and effort we put down to bringing you the best content possible. We have a team of writers from around the world who contribute with their expertise and passion for cats to help make this website stand out in a crowded pack of websites. Be sure to check back to read bio´s of each team member as they are written.

Enjoy your stay here!


Nurse Thor, tending a damaged human arm.
The Beautiful Freja
The two feline overlords with the underling.

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