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PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder Review

– Swipe left/right to see more PetSafe Healthy Pet™ Simply Feed Automatic Feeder Features Quality Price What We LikeLarge Food Capacity: 24 cups (5.6 liters)Up to as much as 12 meals per days.Slow Feed mode for pets that vomit from eating to fast.Conveyor mechanism to avoid food getting stuck while dispensing.Sturdy build to make it […]


Sphynx Breed Profile

slightly rounded wedge shaped head topped with large, broad ears. Large, almond shaped eyes either green or gold in color. Dark lines may extend from the eyes and brows. The somali has a well developed, dynamic, muscular body. It is in-between the stocky, lobby body of a Persian and the long svelte body of the oriental breeds such as the Siamese.


How to Get Rid of Hairballs In Cats

Although a natural by-product of grooming, hairballs are often indicators of more serious conditions. Understanding the underlying cause of your cat’s hairball problem is important to know how to properly address it. That said, there are a few preventative measures and remedies to get rid of hairballs and decrease the likelihood of their formation: To […]


Best Cat Nail Clippers Buying Guide

Navigating This Buying Guide Our Top PickPet Republique ® Professional Cat/Dog Nail Clippers with Optional FilerOur Top 5 PicksWhy You Should Clip Your Cat´s Nails?Types of Nail ClippersWhat Makes a Good Nail Clipper?#1 Pet Republique ® Professional Cat Nail ClippersWhat We Like:What We Don´t Like:#2 JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Nail ClipperWhat We Like:What We Don´t Like#3 […]