Why Do Cats Lie On Plastic Bags & Why Do They Like Them?

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Cats enjoy the strangest things and I am sure many of you have noticed your furry friend seek out your plastic bags that you left on the floor after you went food shopping. We can only theorize as to why this is since we can’t ask our cat directly, but we have listed the most likely reasons why your cat loves plastic bags below:

  • Sense of smell. Cats love human food, especially the smell of it. Cats have a stronger sense of smell than us, along with their own organ to process smells (link to a post about the vomeronasal organ and how it works), so they have a field day in our grocery bags exploring all the smells that has been left their from the food.
  • The noise it makes. Many plastic bags make an interesting crackling noise that can fascinate your cat and drive their predatory instinct.
  • Hiding spot. Bags can be seen as a hiding spot for your feline and you may see them trying to lay down inside one of your bag. If you see your cat do this however you should remove the bag as soon as possible as it can be a choking hazard
  • Texture. Cats like certain textures better than others, especially to lay on, and that might be why your cat is lying on the only plastic bag in the room instead of directly on the floor or even that nice cat bed you spent your hard earned cash on!

White it can be cute and charming that your cat seeks out the plastic bags for hiding, playing, or even just to chill on, it is recommended that you remove the plastic bag right away and put it away in a place inaccessible to your cat.

This is because some cats might get too curious and start chewing on the bag to further explore the smells, and ingesting pieces of plastic can be very dangerous to your cat. In addition to the dangers of consuming plastic, the cat may accidentally get wrapped up in the bag causing it to choke or have other respiratory problems.

If your cat ingests pieces of plastic, please consult your veterinarian for advice.