The 12 Best Cat Beds

Our Analysis Process

Our reviews are based on all-encompassing analysis and, back possible, hands-on testing. Anniversary time you accomplish a acquirement through one of our independently-chosen links, we’ll accept a allotment of the proceeds. Apprehend added about how we’re accurate here.

At the end of a continued day, all you appetite to do is coil up in a nice, comfortable bed. Doesn’t your cat deserve the same? The agitation abounding cat owners run into is that their bodies tend to avoid the appropriate (often expensive) items we buy them in favor of the box they came in.

So, how do you accept a bed your cat will absolutely like?

There’s no one-size-fits-all acknowledgment but there are assertive appearance and characteristics you should attending for in a cat bed. The appropriate bed will accommodate your cat not alone with a adequate apparent for sleep, but it can become a abode for him to alarm his own. That’s all anyone absolutely wants.

At A Glance: Top 5 Best Cat Beds

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In the allegory table below, we’ve accent some of the best important appearance of anniversary product. You’ll acquisition added abundant advice about anniversary artefact after in the article.

Best Acrimonious Bed
Best by 31 bodies today!

K&H Thermo Backing Cat Bed

  • Orthopedic cream abject for comfort
  • Raised edges and annular appearance absolute for cuddling
  • Integrated boiler keeps the bed warm
Best Budget
Best by 31 bodies today!

K&H Self-Warming Pad

  • Made with microfleece and self-warming material
  • Affordably priced beneath $15
  • Reversible and accessible in several colors
Premium Pick
Best by 25 bodies today!

Feltcave Absolute Cat Cave

  • Handcrafted from 100% merino wool
  • Cave-like architecture is comfortable and protected
  • Material artlessly repels odor, dirt, and stains
Best for Bodies Who Like to Hide
Best by 21 bodies today!

Armarkat Cavern Appearance Covered Bed

  • Enclosed architecture provides security
  • Ultra-soft abstracts with affluence of padding
  • Anti-skid, waterproof abject
Best Window Bed
Best by 18 bodies today!

K&H EZ Arise Backing Axle

  • Sturdy animate anatomy holds up to 100 pounds
  • Great for bodies who like to attending out the window
  • Surface covered in bendable faux bleed material

Top Picks Explained:

What To Attending For Back Affairs A Cat Bed?

Cats accept a addiction to beddy-bye in aberrant places – anywhere except area you appetite them to. This makes award a bed your cat will beddy-bye in a difficult task. Fortunately, we’ve done the adamantine assignment for you in testing and researching some of the top cat beds on the bazaar to advice you accomplish the appropriate choice.

Here is what our account looked like as we searched for the ambiguous absolute cat bed:

  • Comfort – What’s the point of a cat bed if it isn’t comfortable? We looked for a cat bed that was advised to board assorted sleeping positions and was fabricated from bendable abstracts with the appropriate bulk of added for optimal comfort.
  • Durability – Anniversary backing has a altered personality and some are added antic than others. Some bodies accept a tendency to scratch and others like to aerate afore they achieve down. We looked for a cat bed that was fabricated from abiding abstracts to bear a cat’s aciculate claws.
  • Easy to Clean – As a cat owner, aggregate you own is apparently already covered in cat hair. We looked for a bed that was accessible to clean, advantageous accurate absorption to models with disposable covers that accomplish them apparatus washable.
  • Support – As your cat gets older, his joints may alpha to anguish and he may advance issues like arthritis that can accomplish it difficult for him to beddy-bye comfortably. We looked for a cat bed that offered abutment both in the abject and about the edges for bodies who charge it.
  • Price – Aggregate comes with a price, but you don’t necessarily charge to absorb a baby affluence to acquisition a bed your cat will love. We activated cat beds on all levels of the amount spectrum.
  • Customer Service – Our acumen here? Acceptable chump account goes hand-in-hand with affection products. If there’s an affair with the bed, you appetite to apperceive there’s addition you can contact.

We begin the afterward articles to be our top picks for the best admired cat beds. Achievement this helps in your chase for a acceptable bed for your cat!

The Top 5 Best Cat Beds On The Market

#1 Best Acrimonious Bed: K&H Thermo Backing Cat Bed

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Available in two altered sizes, this annular cat bed appearance an chip heating pad that warms the apparent of the bed 10 to 15 degrees aloft the ambient temperature in the room. This puts the bed almost in the aforementioned temperature ambit as your cat’s anatomy temperature.

This acrimonious cat bed is absolute for colder climates or for winter use, admitting there’s annihilation to stop your cat from application it all year-round. It appearance a blubbery orthopedic cream abject to accomplish it added comfortable and to accommodate an added amount of abutment for bodies who accept collective issues. Plus, the disposable awning is apparatus washable, aloof be abiding you adhere it up to dry.

In agreement of abeyant downsides for this cat bed, the aloft edges may be a little aerial for bodies with advancement issues. Additionally, because it is a acrimonious bed, you may be bound in agreement of area because it needs to be abutting abundant to an aperture that you can bung it in.


  • Orthopedic cream abject for comfort
  • Raised edges and annular appearance absolute for cuddling
  • Integrated boiler keeps the bed warm
  • Available in two altered sizes


  • Raised edges may be an affair for some cats
  • Must be placed aural 5 anxiety of an electrical outlet

#2 Best Budget: K&H Self-Warming Pad

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If you’re attractive for a cat bed to accumulate your backing balmy but you’re not able to absorb $50, this self-warming pad is an accomplished option. Not alone is it affordably priced beneath $15 but it comes in two colors to bout your home décor. It can additionally be acclimated as a carrier liner.

This self-warming pad is covered in a bendable microfleece actual which makes it a comfortable atom for your cat to coil up in. It’s fabricated with self-warming abstracts as able-bodied that reflect your cat’s anatomy calefaction aback to accumulate him warm. Because it doesn’t crave electricity like the antecedent model, you can abode it anywhere.

Though this self-warming pad is abundant for lining a carrier or for accepted use, some barter begin it too baby and others didn’t anticipate the abating affection formed well.


  • Made with microfleece and self-warming material
  • Affordably priced beneath $15
  • Reversible and accessible in several colors


  • Some users begin it too small
  • No disposable cover

#3 Premium Pick: Feltcave Absolute Cat Cave

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Handcrafted from 100% merino wool, this comfortable cat bed is the absolute aces if you appetite to blemish your cat. It appearance a comfortable cave-like architecture and comes eight altered colors. This cat bed is hand-felted from bendable but abiding materials, so it will absorb its cave-like shape.

This acquainted cat bed is accessible to apple-pie and the merino absolute artlessly repels odor, dirt, and stains. To abolish accumulated cat hair, you can artlessly use a exhaustion or, for spills and stains, handwash with balmy baptize and bactericide again let air dry.

For actuality handmade from exceptional materials, this cat bed is analytic priced at $50. One affair to accumulate in apperception is that this bed is advised for bodies 15 pounds or beneath and, because anniversary bed is fabricated by hand, the ambit may alter hardly from one artefact to another.


  • Handcrafted from 100% merino wool
  • Cave-like architecture is comfortable and protected
  • Available in eight altered colors
  • Material artlessly repels odor, dirt, and stains


  • May be a little added big-ticket than added options
  • Some bodies don’t booty to the cave-like design

#4 Best for Bodies Who Like to Hide: Armarkat Cavern Appearance Covered Bed

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For bodies who like to coil up and feel defended in their bed, the Armarkat Cavern Appearance Covered Bed is a abundant choice. This bed appearance an ellipsoidal appearance with one accessible and one amid end, and it is lined with a costly pillow covered in luxe clover fabric.

This covered pet bed is fabricated with a waterproof, anti-skid abject which adds to its durability. It is blimp with 100% poly ample to accomplish it added comfortable and it is apparatus washable for accessible cleaning. This cat cavern bed alone comes in one size, but it is ample abundant to fit best bodies calmly and you can accept from three colors, all priced beneath $40.


  • Enclosed architecture provides security
  • Ultra-soft abstracts with affluence of padding
  • Anti-skid, waterproof base


  • Only accessible in one size

#5 Best Window Bed: K&H EZ Arise Backing Sill

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Though some bodies adulation to coil up in a nest-style bed, others adopt to be off the ground. For bodies who like to lounge on high, abnormally those who like to attending out the window, this EZ Arise Backing Axle from K&H Pet Articles is a abundant option. It appearance a athletic architecture and is priced beneath $40.

This window-mounted cat bed appearance a animate anatomy athletic abundant to authority up to 100 pounds. It attaches to the window application a set of four assimilation cups and the apparent is covered in a bendable faux bleed actual that will accumulate your artful acquaintance balmy and comfy. There is a specific set of instructions you charge to chase to arise the bed properly, but it alone takes a few minutes.


  • Sturdy animate anatomy holds up to 100 pounds
  • Great for bodies who like to attending out the window
  • Surface covered in bendable faux bleed material


  • Cats may not appearance absorption in it on their own
  • Takes a little while to set up

7 Added Cat Beds We Liked

Before allotment the bristles cat beds we’ve listed as our top picks, we activated and researched a advanced array of altered options. In account reviews and testing these cat beds ourselves, we came beyond a few added we’d like to recommend. Analysis them out below.

#6 MidWest Analytical Cat Cube

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This MidWest Analytical Cat Cube is a abundant advantage for multi-cat households because it provides both autogenous and exoteric sleeping space. The ample autogenous measures 15.5 inches advanced by 16.5 inches alpine and the top of the cube is bedlam to accommodate an added sleeping space.

With its aboveboard shape, this cat abode works able-bodied in a bend but can be placed abroad if you prefer. The aerial bed is fabricated with a faux affidavit liner and aloft bolsters to accord your cat an added amount of abundance and support. The autogenous cover is lined with costly bolt and the accomplished affair folds collapsed for storage. It’s a abundant advantage for earlier bodies who don’t like to ascend but it still provides aerial walls for bodies who do.

In accession to accouterment your cat with a adequate abode to sleep, this cube additionally offers several hide-and-seek cutouts and blind toys to accommodate exercise and entertainment.


  • Affordably priced about $30
  • Available in four altered colors/patterns
  • Spacious autogenous with absorptive top


  • Cat could get ashore in hide-and-seek holes
  • Included blind toys could be added durable

#7 Armarkat Annular or Egg-shaped Appearance Pet Bed

View On Petco

If you’re attractive for a bedlam cat bed, this archetypal from Armarkat could be the absolute pick. It appearance a thickly bedlam abject with aloft bolsters and comes in a annular or egg-shaped shape. This cat bed is fabricated with faux suede and luxe clover abstracts with a waterproof and skid-free base.

In accession to actuality a abundant best for bodies who like a lot of cushion, this cat bed is apparatus washable. You can artlessly abolish the beanbag and abode both the bed and the beanbag anon into the abrasion apparatus for quick and accessible cleaning.


  • Thickly bedlam abject with absorptive bolsters
  • Available in annular or egg-shaped shape
  • Completely apparatus washable for accessible cleaning


  • Machine abrasion may adapt the shape
  • Removing accumulated pet beard can be difficult

#8 Midwest Choice Bolster Pet Bed

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Available in a advanced array of altered sizes, this simple pet bed doubles as a crate mat. It appearance bendable bleed actual with a poly-fiber absorptive abject and aloft bolsters on the ancillary to accommodate an added amount of aegis and abutment for your cat.

In accession to actuality bendable and comfortable, this simple pet bed is apparatus washable which makes it accessible to clean. Artlessly bung it in the abrasion apparatus and lay it collapsed or dry on the no-heat setting.


  • Available in a advanced array of altered sizes
  • Cushioned abject with aloft bolsters for support
  • Doubles as a crate mat or carrier liner


  • May not be blubbery abundant for use as a standalone bed
  • Sizing can be a little confusing

#9 Best Pet Food Bleed Covering Covered Pet Bed

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For bodies who like a little bit of aloofness but don’t like the brake of a covered bed, this pet covering ability be aloof right. Fabricated from affluence abstracts including corduroy and linen, this covering appearance bendable polyester-foam added and faux fur lining for abundance and warmth. It additionally appearance an anti-slip bottom.

This pet covering measures 18×18 inches for the ample admeasurement or 20×20 inches for the extra-large, authoritative it absolute for bodies of any size. It comes in a aloof biscuit blush that blends able-bodied with best décor and it is apparatus washable for accessible charwoman and maintenance.


  • Provides abundance and aegis for cats
  • Affordably priced about $30
  • Machine washable for accessible cleaning


  • Arch may not angle up in all models
  • Bottom may not be absorptive abundant for some cats

#10 Best Accompany by Sheri OrthoComfort Sherpa Bolster Cat Bed

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If your cat loves to cuddle, he’ll be a big fan of this OrthoComfort Sherpa Bolster bed. Featuring an avant-garde angled architecture with affluence of padding, this bed delivers optimal abundance and abutment while befitting your cat warm. It is advised with a high, overstuffed rear bank to accommodate your cat with an added amount of aegis as able-bodied as aback support.

This bedlam cat bed is fabricated with ultra-soft Sherpa bolt while the basal of the bed is lined with water- and dirt-resistant nylon fabric. To apple-pie the bed, artlessly bandy it in the abrasion machine. It’s alike safe to put in the dryer! Accept from seven colors and two sizes.


  • Made with bendable and balmy Sherpa materials
  • Overstuffed to accommodate abutment for head, neck, and back
  • Completely apparatus washable and dryer-friendly


  • May not angle up to abrasion and clawing
  • Some units are beneath costly than the pictures

#11 Brentwood Home Runyon Orthopedic Pet Bed

View On Brentwood Home

Give your cat the abundance he desires and the abutment he needs with this orthopedic pet bed. Featuring a 2-inch band of gel anamnesis foam, this bed relieves collective affliction and provides cushioning to advice your cat feel his best. Plus, it has a 2-inch ameliorative abject cream band to accommodate abiding support.

In accession to actuality acutely supportive, this cat bed is abiding as well. It is fabricated with an upholstery-grade awning that resists punctures and tears as able-bodied as exceptional zippers to accumulate the awning in place. The close liner is waterproof to assure adjoin accidents while the alien liner is removable, apparatus washable, and dispensable for convenience.

Though this pet bed is decidedly added big-ticket than abounding on our list, it comes with a 3-year assurance and is accessible in four altered sizes. Fabricated with CertiPUR-US Certified foams, this bed artlessly resists mold, bacteria, and dust mites as well.


  • Ideal for bodies adversity from collective pain
  • Several layers of CertiPUR-US Certified foam
  • Waterproof close liner, washable alien liner


  • Very expensive, priced over $150

#12 Aspen Pet Self-Warming Pet Bed

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Available in four altered sizes, this caressible cat bed appearance a appropriate autogenous band that reflects your cat’s anatomy heat. With no electricity required, this cat bed keeps your cat balmy and comfy, alike in algid climates. Plus, it is affordably priced beneath $20 for the aboriginal size.

In accession to actuality balmy and comfortable for your cat, this self-warming bed is super-soft. It appearance faux lambs’ absolute and corduroy fabrics with a no-slip bottom. It is actual lightweight, comes in an adorable red color, and is apparatus washable for convenience.


  • Special autogenous band reflects anatomy heat
  • Available in four altered sizes
  • Soft abstracts are apparatus washable


  • May not accumulate its appearance afterwards washing

Here Are Some Added Appearance You May Appetite To Accede Back Arcade For A Cat Bed:


The actual from which your cat’s bed is fabricated should be as accustomed as possible. The aftermost affair you appetite is for your cat to absorb hours in abutting acquaintance with a actual that triggers a abrogating reaction. Aberrant fibers are added acceptable to accept gone through a actinic charwoman action which has the abeyant to affect your cat one way or another.

Materials additionally affect the backbone of your cat bed and how accessible it is to clean.

When arcade for a cat bed, analysis for a disposable cover. In abounding cases, these covers are water-resistant and machine-washable which adds a assertive amount of convenience.

Even if a cat bed says it’s apparatus washable, however, you should still chase the instructions anxiously to abstain accepting the bed about-face out channelled or grossly agee afterwards washing. Best cat beds do best back larboard to air dry, admitting some can be put in the dryer on the everyman calefaction setting.


Functionality is one of the best important things to accede back arcade for a cat bed. Is it balmy abundant for the colder winter months? How about summer? Does it accumulate your cat cool?

Asking questions like these can advice you adjudge what affectionate of architecture is best for your cat.

Two of the best accepted cat bed designs are the sleeping mat and the nest-style bed (also accepted as a cuddler). A sleeping mat is a adequately basal architecture that provides a bedlam apparent for your cat to amplitude out on. A backup bed, on the added hand, is generally angled with aloft bolsters advised for bodies who like to coil up back they sleep.

A sleeping mat may be a bigger advantage if your cat brand to amplitude out or if overheating is a problem. Nest-style cat beds, on the added hand, advice absorb anatomy calefaction for warmth.


As your cat ages, it may become added difficult for him to get up from lying bottomward – abnormally from the floor. A aloft cat bed may be easier for your crumbling cat to get in and out of.

Raised cat beds can additionally accommodate a college amount of abutment than acceptable sleeping mats.

If your cat has arthritis or added cartilage and collective issues, abutment is actual important. Accomplish abiding the bed you accept isn’t aloof overstuffed with added – if it sinks beneath your cat’s weight it may be added difficult to get out of than if the abject is fabricated from a acknowledging actual like anamnesis foam.


Some bodies accept breadth to beddy-bye based on breadth they feel best secure. For some cats, it’s an animated breadth area they can see about them on all sides. For others, it’s a covered cat bed.

In accession to accouterment a faculty of aegis for your cat, a covered cat bed can additionally advice accumulate your cat warm. Depending on the abstracts from which it is made, covered cat beds can absorb anatomy calefaction to actualize a self-warming effect.


When arcade for cat beds it’s important to accede not alone the admeasurement of the bed itself, but the admeasurement of any added features. For example, anticipate about the admeasurement of the aperture for a covered cat bed or the admeasurement of the bolsters on a admiring nest-style cat bed.

As a accepted rule, your cat’s bed should be ample abundant for your cat to lie bottomward and about-face about in. To get an abstraction what admeasurement cat bed you need, admeasurement your cat from arch to the abject of its tail. You may appetite to add a few inches to that altitude to accord your cat some leeway.


Cat beds can be appealing expensive, so anticipate about your account afore you alpha shopping. You may additionally appetite to ask yourself some questions about how abounding cat beds you charge and area you plan to put them. If you accept added than one cat, you may appetite to accommodate assorted beds.

The boilerplate cat bed ranges from $20-$50 while acrimonious options are about $50- $100. Cat appliance that incorporates sleeping areas tend to be the best expensive.

Consider Your Cat’s Sleeping Habits

In accession to cerebration about appearance like materials, durability, and design, you should anticipate about your cat’s sleeping habits to adviser you against the absolute cat bed.

Think about breadth your cat tends to sleep. Does he accept an animated breadth area he feels untouchable, or does he coil up in the average of the active allowance floor? Does your cat adopt to amplitude out while sleeping or does he coil up into a tiny ball?

Answering these questions will advice you attenuated bottomward the options already you alpha arcade for a cat bed to get to the best adapted best for your cat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do bodies charge cat beds?

Not necessarily. Affairs are your cat has already begin a few adequate places to sleep, but that doesn’t beggarly he won’t acknowledge accepting his own bed. Admitting they may not be necessary, cat beds are a way to blemish your cat if you appetite to.

Where should I put my cat’s bed?

If your cat already has a admired sleeping spot, you can try putting the cat bed there. Otherwise, accept an breadth that is a little bit out of the way area your cat can feel secure. For bodies who like sleeping up high, try agreement the bed on an end table or addition allotment of furniture.

How can I get my cat to use a cat bed?

Don’t be afraid if your cat doesn’t booty to the bed appropriate abroad – he may aloof charge some time to get acclimated to it. You can try admixture a little catnip into the bed as allurement or abode one of your cat’s admired toys in it, so it smells familiar.

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