7 Best Cat Attach Clippers

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Trimming your cat’s claws is one of your abounding responsibilities as a cat owner. It’s a simple abundant assignment that keeps your cat adequate and it may advice save your appliance as well.
Cat attach clippers appear in abounding altered forms, anniversary with their own pros and cons.

We’ve accumulated a account of the best cat attach clippers on the bazaar in altered categories to advice you aces the appropriate affectionate for your cat. Accumulate account to see our top picks!

The best cat attach clippers are strong, sharp, accessible to maneuver, and abundantly trim your cat’s claws after damaging them.

In this article, you’ll become accustomed with the altered types of cat attach clippers and their merits, acquisition out what to attending for in a brace of clippers for your cat, and finally, you’ll accommodated my picks for the top 7 best cat attach clippers on the bazaar today.

Our Top 7 Recommended Cat Attach Clippers

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Want a quick attending at the articles advised in this article? In the allegory table below, we’ve accent some of the best important appearance of anniversary product. You’ll acquisition added abundant advice about anniversary artefact after in the article.

Overall Best
Best by 31 bodies today!

Millers Coin Attach Clipper With Assurance Stop

  • Cuts nails bound and effectively
  • Safety bouncer and locking blades
  • Fits easily of any size
Runner Up
Best by 31 bodies today!

Safari Able Attach Trimmer Small/Medium

  • Safety bouncer to anticipate accidents
  • Sharp, abiding stainless-steel blades
  • Locking brand prevents accidents
Best for Baby Pets
Best by 25 bodies today!

Shiny Pet Attach Clippers for Baby Animals

  • Angled blades for the absolute cut
  • Safety bouncer to anticipate overcutting
  • Anti-slip handles for abundance and security
Best for Comfort
Best by 21 bodies today!

Pet Republique Able Attach Clippers

  • Sharp, abiding stainless animate blades
  • Comfortable non-slip grip
  • 15% of gain donated to American Beastly Accomplishment Society
Best for Safety
Best by 18 bodies today!

gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Attach Clippers and Trimmers

  • Non-slip anchor for abundance and security
  • Perfect for easily of all sizes
  • Sharp stainless animate blades
Budget Pick
Best by 18 bodies today!

JW Pet Gripsoft Cat Attach Clipper

  • Affordably priced beneath $5
  • Gripsoft technology for comfort
  • Simple scissors-style operation
Premium Pick
Best by 18 bodies today!

Hertzko Able Cat Attach Clipper & Attach File

  • Comfort-grip, anti-slip rubberized handles
  • High-quality, stainless-steel blades
  • Safety bouncer and brand lock features

Top Picks Explained

What Should You Attending for in Cat Attach Clippers?

Shopping for cat attach clippers can be a claiming because there are so abounding altered options out there. From guillotine-style clippers to electric attach grinders, all attach clippers are not created equal.

Before you alpha arcade for a set of attach clippers, booty the time to apprentice added about the altered types and anticipate about which ability be the best advantage for your cat.

Choose Clippers With Ultra-Sharp Blades

Choosing the best cat attach clipper is like acrimonious a acceptable atom razor. Low-quality, addled blades are alluringly accessible on the wallet, but they put you and your cat at accident for injury.

Strong, aciculate blades allotment through your cat’s claws after crushing them. Accept a high-quality stainless-steel brand and your clippers could serve for a lifetime of snipping after activity dull.

The best cat attach clippers are as adequate on your easily as they are on your cat’s nails.

Remember that bodies are ambagious creatures and you’re not necessarily a admonishment expert. A glace anchor and a glace cat could advance to a blood-soaked manicure. Abrupt movement could accelerate the blades into the acute quick of your cat’s nail, causing it to drain and causing your cat pain.

We’re attractive for a architecture that fits able-bodied in the hand, has a absolute weight balance, and which appearance a adequate non-slip grip. All of these appearance advice you to advance ascendancy of the clippers.

Look For Assurance Appearance That Assure Both You And Your Cat

Safety Guards Or Guides

When you’re accent your cat’s nails, there’s one affair you’re apparently activity to anguish about added than annihilation else. You’re activity to consistently assignment to abstain accidentally acid into the quick. Allotment a brace of attach clippers outfitted with a assurance bouncer or adviser will advice you abstain snipping into the acute affection of your cat’s nail.

Locking Blades

Protect yourself and your ancestors by selecting clippers with locking blades. This helps anticipate accidents back the clippers aren’t in use.

Ergonomic Grip

When it comes to attach trimming, it’s important to accept a close anchor on your clippers so you can ascendancy the cut. Attending for a brace of clippers fabricated with a adequate and ergonomic anchor that fits snugly in your hand.

Need addition way to accumulate your cat’s claws beneath control? Here’s our account of the top 3 best cat attach caps.

The Types Of Cat Attach Clippers

In accession to because the assurance appearance offered by a set of attach clippers, it’s important to anticipate about how they work. Altered attach clippers cut the attach in altered ways.

Here’s what you charge to apperceive about the altered types of cat attach clippers:

Scissors Appearance Attach Clippers

This appearance of cat attach trimmer involves a babyish brace of scissors with angled tips — agnate to babyish barb scissors. But clashing a accepted brace of scissors, attach scissors for bodies affection notches that authority your cat’s barb in abode while you snip.

Scissor-style clippers are a abundant best for beginners and accomplished clippers alike, but they ability not be a acceptable fit if you accept ample easily back they tend to be adequately small.

The handles, while adequate for baby hands, are usually a poor best for anyone with ample fingers. If your easily are on the beyond side, abandon yourself to a few account of awkward easily or anticipate about allotment a pliers-style attach clipper instead.

Pliers Appearance Attach Clippers

Perhaps the best awful acclaimed array of cat attach clippers, this appearance is accepted amid both beginners and professionals. As the name suggests, they’re shaped like a brace of pliers, with long, adequate handles that fit in any duke size.

This architecture gives you acceptable advantage and strength, acceptance you to accomplish quick, able snips. Abounding pliers appearance attach clippers additionally appear with assurance appearance like a quick-stop guide.

Guillotine Appearance Attach Clippers

This appearance appearance a bend through which your cat’s barb passes. Back you clasp the handles, a brand moves through the bend and chops off the tip of your cat’s nail.

For the best accomplished groomers, guillotine-style clippers accept some attention appeal. They accomplish it accessible to accept absolutely how abundant of your cat’s attach you appetite to cut, and at which bend you appetite to slice. But it’s not all sunny.

If you’re amateur with this blazon of attach clipper or if your cat tends to convulse during a accent session, a decollate appearance clipper tends to abstruse the band area the safe area ends and the quick begins.

Electric Grinders

Cats are acute creatures and, unless castigation is an acutely chilled-out anomaly, they won’t be blessed about a blatant electrical apparatus whirring about their nails. These accelerated grinders are a acceptable best for dogs, but a alarming hypothesis for the boilerplate cat.

A cat’s nails are additionally abundant abate than a dog’s, so it may be difficult to ascendancy the abyss of the cut with an electric grinder against a set of handheld attach clippers.

Can You Use Animal Attach Clippers For Your Cat?

A acceptable brace of animal attach clippers will out-trim a cheaply-made trimmer for cats. Animal attach trimmers are usually baby and maneuverable and, if the blades are sharp, they can accord a apple-pie cut.

But they’re not perfect. They don’t grab the barb in the aforementioned way the best cat attach clippers do – this could accomplish your job added difficult, and it puts you at accident for crushing the claw. If you’re new to the game, it may be best to use a brace of cat barb clippers.

Our Top Picks For The Best Cat Attach Clippers

Now that you accept a bigger compassionate of how we came to our top picks, you’re apparently acquisitive to see them!

All of these accoutrement are ample and well-loved by barter and cats. Anniversary has a acceptability for durability, effectiveness, and comfort.

Here are our top picks for the best cat attach clippers you should consider:

#1 Overall Best: Millers Coin Attach Clipper With Assurance Stop Review

View On Chewy View On Amazon

When a announcer autograph for Wirecutter asked groomers to name the best dog attach clippers, experts absolutely agreed that Millers Coin clippers advance the pack.

“Every pro we batten to recommended trimmers from Millers Forge, praising their amount and reliability.”

But Do Millers Coin Clippers Assignment Able-bodied For Cats?

While this clipper has its careful moments—customer reviews say that the elastic grips tend to accelerate off and that the assurance bouncer block out of place—it offers a quick, smooth, and bashful trim.

This pliers-style clipper appearance heat-treated animate blades. Barter call the blades as awfully aciculate and durable. One chump said that they auspiciously acclimated one brace for over 10 years. The blades are thin, accouterment a acceptable appearance of your cat’s nail.

The spring-loaded clipper allows you to move calmly from barb to claw.


  • Cuts through nails bound and effectively
  • Features a assurance bouncer and locking blades
  • Fits every admeasurement hand
  • Durable, abiding stainless animate blades


  • The assurance bouncer tends to blooper out of place
  • The elastic grips are capricious and loose

#2 Runner Up: Carnival Able Attach Trimmer Small/Medium

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Though technically marketed for dogs, these pliers-style attach clippers are altogether acceptable for bodies as well. They accept over 900 reviews on Chewy with a 4.7 out of 5-star rating.

This attach clipper has strong, ergonomically-designed handles about aggregate you would appetite in a brace of cat attach clippers. Maybe that’s why it’s such a chump favorite. This attach clipper currently has 5,480 chump reviews on Amazon and a 4.6 out of 5 brilliant rating.

This attach clipper has strong, ergonomically-designed handles that feel adequate in best hands. They affection non-slip grips that acquiesce you to cut your cat’s nails with confidence.

The ultra-sharp stainless animate blades accept a acceptability for durability. They appear out of the amalgamation aciculate and break agog for years of trimming. With anniversary snip, the spring-loaded aperture pop apart, acceptance you to move calmly from attach to nail. Alert attach trimmers will acknowledge the admittance of a assurance stop to advice you anticipate slip-ups back your cat makes a abrupt movement.


  • Has a assurance bouncer to advice anticipate accidents
  • Sharp, abiding stainless animate blades
  • Locking brand prevents accidents back not in use
  • A highly-rated and well-loved attach clipper
  • Pliers-style clippers fit every hand


  • This clipper may be too ample for baby bodies and kittens

#3 Best For Baby Pets: Agleam Pet Attach Clippers for Baby Animals

View On Amazon

These scissor-style clippers were fabricated with baby animals in mind. In accession to cats, they’re recommended for baby dogs, rabbits, birds, puppies, and ferrets.

The angled clipper arch appearance an opened window that allows you to accumulate an eye on your cat’s attach as you snip.

Because the blades are razor-sharp, these scissors acquiesce you to accomplish quick, apple-pie cuts. The anti-slip anchor handles accord you precision, comfort, and confidence.

Each brace of Agleam Pet clippers comes with an advisory eBook alleged Accent Your Pet’s Nails.


  • Angled blades accord you a absolute cut
  • Features a assurance guard
  • Anti-slip handles are adequate and secure
  • Sharp stainless animate blades


  • Larger easily will accept agitation administration these scissors

#4 Best For Comfort: Pet Republique Able Attach Clippers Review

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Like the Agleam Pet clippers, these are baby attach scissors advised for tiny claws. The cat/mini clipper admeasurement is absolute for your cat’s aerial nails.

The scissors are simply-designed, with stainless animate blades that lock back not in use. To advice you abstain the quick, the blades are outfitted with a assurance guard. While the feel holes ability ache beyond hands, you’ll acquisition that the asperous elastic handle loops action a non-slip anchor for abundance and accuracy.

If you’re a philanthropically-minded shopper, you’ll be absorbed in Pet Republique’s affiliation with the American Beastly Accomplishment Society. 15% of the profits are donated to this organization.


  • Sharp and abiding stainless animate blades
  • Comfortable non-slip grip
  • 15% of all Pet Republique profits are donated to the American Beastly Accomplishment Society
  • Features a assurance bouncer and locking blades
  • At about $7 on Amazon, these are some of the best affordable cat attach clippers available


  • Handles are too baby for beyond hands

#5 Best For Safety: gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Attach Clippers and Trimmers Review

View On Amazon

This pliers-style attach clipper offers abundance and affluence of use for groomers of all sizes.

The extra-long handles accept a active amethyst blush with atramentous non-slip handle grips. To accumulate you safe while the clippers aren’t in use, the handles affection a acceptable bend lock.

The clippers accept a 4.5 out of 5 brilliant appraisement based on 8,881 reviews on Amazon. Reviews of the stainless animate blades are varied. Some bodies say that they’re aciculate and effective, while one top-ranked analysis states that the clipper absurd their bodies nail.

Another check is the clippers’ abridgement of a assurance guard. This makes them a poor best for amateur groomers.


  • Non-slip anchor for abundance and accuracy
  • Bold amethyst color
  • Pliers appearance clippers are absolute for all duke sizes


  • No assurance guard
  • Some reviewers say that the blades aren’t aciculate enough

#6 Budget Pick: JW Pet Gripsoft Cat Attach Clipper

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For a simple brace of cat attach trimmers that get the job done, attending no added than these scissors-style clippers from Gripsoft. Affordably priced beneath $5, these clippers are acceptable for bodies of all breeds, sizes, and ages and they are actual simple to use.

What makes these clippers abundant is the Gripsoft technology that appearance non-slip grips and an ergonomically advised handle for comfort. The handle fits in the accustomed curvature of your duke so you don’t accept to anguish about slippage during attach trimming.


  • Affordably priced beneath $5
  • Gripsoft technology for comfort
  • Simple scissors-style operation


  • No assurance bouncer to anticipate overcutting
  • May be too baby for some hands

#7 Premium Pick: Hertzko Able Cat Attach Clipper & Attach File

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If you’re attractive for a brace of ample clippers you can use on bristling accompany ample and small, Hertzko is the way to go. These pliers-style attach trimmers affection a high-grade stainless-steel brand with semi-circular indentions to advice accumulate you from overcutting your cat’s nails.

In accession to actuality fabricated from high-quality materials, these cat attach clippers are advised for assurance and comfort. The anti-slip rubberized handle offers a adequate anchor and the assurance lock keeps the brand adequate and minimizes the accident for accidents.

Plus, this set of attach clippers comes with a attach book to advice you bland the cut apparent of the attach afterwards accent to abstain snags on carpeting and furniture.


  • Comfort-grip, anti-slip rubberized handles
  • High-quality, stainless-steel blades
  • Safety bouncer and brand lock features


  • May be too ample for some cats
  • Some barter had agitation application them

Why Should You Trim Your Cat’s Claws?

Because bodies are so acceptable at admonishment themselves, abounding cat owners accept they don’t accept to do abundant in the way of grooming. Back it comes to your cat’s nails, however, it’s your job to accumulate them trimmed.

But why is it important to trim your cat’s nails?

Unlike a dog’s claws, your cat’s claws abound to a aciculate point. There’s beneath accident of a cat’s nails acceptable awkward and growing aback into the bottom bad, but it can happen. Accepting awkward nails additionally puts your cat at accident for abasing himself if the attach break or snags on the carpeting or furniture.

You may anticipate your cat takes affliction of his own nails by abrading and cutting them, but that may not be the case. Back your cat is abrading on a allotment of cat appliance or a abrading post, he’s not absolutely accomplishing abundant to abrasion bottomward the attach – he’s absolutely addition and appearance his area with aroma appear from glands in the paws.

Keeping your cat’s nails akin is important for his own safety, but it additionally reduces the accident of adventitious action during comedy sessions, and it protects your appliance as well.

For added advice on acid your cat’s nails, analysis out our all-embracing adviser to accent cat claws.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How generally should I blow my cat’s nails?

You should trim your cat’s nails every 10 to 14 days. You can consistently analysis to see if his nails charge to be akin – if they accept developed to a aciculate point, it’s time for a trim.

How can I calm my cat bottomward to cut his nails?

It’s consistently a acceptable abstraction to get your cat adequate with accepting his paws handled by advantageous him with treats back he lets you blow them. Afore acid your cat’s nails, do a little admonishment or a affable comedy affair to get your cat comfortable. If your cat is decidedly nervous, blow one attach at a time and action a amusement at the aforementioned time to accumulate your cat busy.

What should I do if I cut my cat’s nails too short?

If you cut your cat’s attach too abbreviate and bisect the quick, it may drain profusely, and it could account your cat pain. The best important affair is to stop the bleeding as anon as possible. Accumulate some styptic crumb on duke and columnist it durably adjoin the bleeding attach for 1 to 2 account to stop the blood.