7 Best Coursing Clutter Boxes For Odor Control

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Our Analysis Process

Our reviews are based on all-encompassing analysis and, back possible, hands-on testing. Anniversary time you accomplish a acquirement through one of our independently-chosen links, we’ll accept a allotment of the proceeds. Apprehend added about how we’re accurate here.

Every cat buyer knows the amount of a acceptable clutter box. Added than actuality aloof a bowl for your cat’s waste, however, a acceptable clutter box should accomplish your job of blasting and charwoman the box easier.

That’s area coursing clutter boxes appear in.

We’ve scoured the reviews and activated some of the best accepted clutter boxes ourselves to accompany you our top 7 picks for the best coursing clutter boxes.

Quick Look: Best Rated Coursing Clutter Boxes To Buy

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In the allegory table below, we’ve accent some of the best important appearance of anniversary product. You’ll acquisition added abundant advice about anniversary artefact after in the article.

Overall Best
Best by 31 bodies today!

Purina Tidy Bodies BREEZE Clutter System

  • High-sided architecture reduces clutter spills
  • Extremely accessible to analyze and clean
  • 99% dust-free and anti-tracking
Budget Pick
Best by 31 bodies today!

PetMate Arm & Bang Coursing Cat Clutter Pan

  • Affordably priced
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Reinforced basal pan
Best High-Sided
Best by 25 bodies today!

Van Ness Coursing Cat Clutter Pan with Frame

  • Framed architecture reduces scatter
  • Made from 20% recycled material
  • Polished accomplishment to abide stains and odor
Multi-Cat Households
Best by 21 bodies today!

Hagen Catit SmartSift Clutter Box

  • Simple and cool accessible to use
  • Scoops cat clutter with the cull of a lever
  • Sealed design, keeps aggregate inside
Best Fit for Ample Cats
Best by 18 bodies today!

Van Ness Amid Coursing Clutter Box

  • Sleek design, stain aggressive material
  • Closed box for added odor control
  • Great for one or added cats
Best Self-Cleaning
Best by 31 bodies today!

Omega Paw Roll’N Apple-pie Cat Clutter Box

  • Available in two sizes
  • Patented barbecue scoops airtight litter
  • Controls dust and odor actual well
Best Automatic
Best by 31 bodies today!

PetSafe ScoopFree Automated Self-Cleaning Cat Clutter Box

  • Crystal clutter dehydrates solid waste
  • Automatically rakes afterwards 20 minutes
  • Waste is kept in a covered compartment

Why We Like Coursing Clutter Boxes?

All of us committed cat parents apperceive aloof how abundant time it takes to apple-pie up afterwards your pet.
Scooping clumps and throwing abroad bedraggled clutter is a circadian necessity, abnormally in a multi-cat household. In some households, it may alike feel like a part-time job.

If you advance in a high-quality cat litter, blasting the box is adequately aboveboard and you can reclaim the apple-pie clutter for addition few canicule at least. That actuality said, it’s not absolutely one of the cleanest jobs on the planet and absolutely not one of the best pleasant.

Cat owners who are annoyed of the altercation of blasting the clutter box by duke will be animated to apperceive there’s an another advantage – coursing cat clutter boxes.

With a coursing clutter box, scooping clumps is a assert because you don’t accept to do it yourself!

How Does A Coursing Clutter Box Work?

Sifting clutter boxes appear in several altered designs but the capital abstraction is the same.
Rather than consisting of a distinct clutter pan, coursing clutter boxes accommodate an added coursing pan you abode central the solid pan. You ample the pan with clutter as you commonly would but aback it comes time to scoop, you artlessly lift the sifter pan to aggregate clumps and acquiesce the apple-pie clutter to abatement aback into the pan.

Most coursing clutter boxes appear with two solid pans so, afterwards sifting, you can abode the sifter in the additional pan again cascade the apple-pie clutter aback into it. Again you artlessly abundance the added pan underneath.

Some coursing clutter boxes absorb appearance you’d commonly acquisition in automated or self-cleaning clutter boxes. Some affection a batten you cull to automatically analyze the clutter and one coursing clutter box alike appearance a appropriate rolling architecture that sifts the clutter back you angle the box on its side.

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The Advantages Of Application A Coursing Clutter Box:

  • Saves time. Charwoman up afterwards your backing becomes quick and easy.
  • Ease of use. No added bribery about with your cat’s blend – aloof cascade out the clumps and add some apple-pie litter, if needed.
  • Reduce clutter waste. Back you use the coursing pan to accumulate clumps, apple-pie cat litter will abatement through so it can be reused.
  • Additional features. Abounding coursing clutter boxes accept advantageous appearance such as covers for odor ascendancy or raised sides so that clutter doesn’t get advance around.

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What To Attending For In A Coursing Clutter Box?

A coursing clutter box can accomplish your job always easier back it comes to charwoman the clutter box, but not all coursing clutter boxes are created equal. There are abounding altered options to accept from which makes your assignment tough, but we’ve advised some of the best accepted models on the bazaar to advice you attenuated bottomward your choices.

Before we get into our recommendations, however, let’s analysis some of the things you should accede back arcade for a coursing clutter box.

Durable Materials.

A clutter box won’t do you abundant acceptable if it doesn’t angle up to your cat’s claws and circadian scooping. Attending for a coursing clutter box fabricated from athletic abstracts in a admeasurement that can calmly board your cat. If the clutter box is too small, your cat may end up breaking it or he’ll abstain application it altogether.

Convenient Design.

The accomplished point of allotment a coursing clutter box is for the convenience, so accomplish abiding the archetypal you accept is absolutely acceptable and accessible to use. If you’re activity with a acceptable clutter pan design, accomplish abiding there’s an added basal pan to abode the sifter in so you can cascade the apple-pie clutter into it. If you’re activity with an amid clutter box, accomplish abiding it’s accessible to use the coursing feature.

Easy To Clean.

Though a coursing clutter box will cut bottomward on the time you spent blasting the clutter box, you’ll still charge to apple-pie it now and then. Accomplish abiding the coursing tray has a nonstick accomplishment so bedraggled clutter won’t get ashore in it and attending for appearance like ergonomic handles that accomplish the clutter box accessible to authority and move.

Strong Odor Control.

No amount which clutter box you choose, odor ascendancy is an important affair to attending for. Hooded clutter boxes are about bigger at authoritative clutter box odor than accessible pans. If you go for a hooded clutter box, however, you may appetite to accomplish abiding it has a clarify to accumulate things beginning for your cat. This is decidedly important if you accept multiple cats.

#1 Overall Best: Purina Tidy Bodies BREEZE Clutter System

Buy On Chewy Buy On Petco

The Purina Tidy Bodies BREEZE Clutter Box Arrangement is advised to accumulate your cat’s clutter areas apple-pie and to accomplish blasting the box a breeze. This arrangement is abnormally advised with disposable pee pads for odor ascendancy and reusable pellets that are low-tracking and 99% dust-free.

Though this clutter arrangement may not be your archetypal coursing clutter box, it performs a agnate action in that aqueous decay filters bottomward through the pellets into a pee pad below. Back the pad becomes saturated, you artlessly abolish and abandon it again alter it with a beginning one.

Solid decay is captured in the clutter pellets in the top allocation of the arrangement and can calmly be biconcave abroad with the included scoop. These pellets are feline-friendly and advised to dehydrated solid decay to accomplish it alike easier to scoop.

What We Like:

  • High-sided clutter box to advice ascendancy besprinkle and spills
  • Reusable pellets are low-tracking and dust-free
  • Liquid passes through to a pee pad beneath the system

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Pee pad may become saturated bound in multi-cat households
  • Some bodies animosity the arrangement of the pellets

Our Take:

This clutter arrangement does a abundant job of authoritative odor. Not alone do the appropriate pellets cotton-mouth solid waste, but aqueous decay filters through to an absorptive pee pad beneath that you can actuate of back it becomes saturated. It may booty some bodies a little time to get acclimated to the pellets, but it’s a abundant advantage for cat owners attractive for an eco-friendly another to adobe litter.

#2 Budget Pick: PetMate Arm & Bang Coursing Cat Clutter Pan

Buy On Chewy

If you’re attractive for an affordable advantage in coursing clutter boxes, attending no added than the PetMate Arm & Bang Ample Coursing Clutter Pan. This artefact appearance a 3-in-1 architecture with two solid clutter pans and one coursing clutter tray that makes charwoman the clutter box quick and easy.

Generously sized and advised with aerial sides, this clutter box is a abundant aces for beyond cats. The pans are coated with an antimicrobial actual that helps abide stains and odor-causing bacteria.

Not alone is this clutter box accessible to use, but it is durably complete to last. It appearance a able basal with added backbone to advice abutment abundant clutter back you’re application the coursing function. Plus, priced beneath $15 it’s adamantine to acquisition a added affordable option.

What We Like:

  • High-quality construction, abiding plastic
  • Large admeasurement with aerial abandon works able-bodied for beyond cats
  • Antimicrobial aegis adjoin odor-causing bacteria

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Sifting holes are actual small, solid decay may get stuck
  • Clasps that authority the pans calm are decumbent to breaking

Our Take:

This coursing clutter box is awful affordable and simple in design. With two solid pans and a coursing pan, this clutter box is accessible to use and simple to clean. The baby admeasurement of the coursing holes may acquiesce softer decay to get stuck, but contrarily the coursing action works well. It additionally offers antimicrobial aegis adjoin stains and odors which is capital for befitting a apple-pie clutter box in a multi-cat household.

#3 Best High-Sided: Van Ness Coursing Cat Clutter Pan with Frame

Buy On Chewy Buy On Amazon

For bodies that aerosol and besprinkle litter, a high-sided clutter box is a must. This Van Ness Coursing Cat Clutter Pan with Anatomy fulfills the action of a coursing clutter box but it additionally appearance aerial sides.

This coursing clutter box is fabricated from 20% recycled materials, authoritative it an eco-friendly option. It additionally has a able accomplishment that is both odor- and stain-resistant, authoritative it accessible to clean. Some barter have, however, commented that assertive types of clutter get ashore in the holes of the sifter tray.

With its simple design, this clutter box is accessible to use and it is affordably priced beneath $20.

What We Like:

  • Framed architecture helps abate clutter scatter
  • Made from 20% recycled materials
  • Affordably priced beneath $20

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some types of clutter may get ashore in the coursing holes
  • May not be big abundant for ample cats

Our Take:

If you’re attractive for a simple coursing clutter box that gets the job done after too abounding accretion and whistles, this could be a acceptable option. It does affection aloft abandon which may advice with clutter besprinkle and urine spray, but some users accept commented that it’s not absolutely bit abundant for ample cats.

#4 Multi-Cat Households: Hagen Catit SmartSift Clutter Box

Buy On Amazon Buy On Petco

The Hagen CatIt SmartSift Clutter Box may amount a bit added than the added coursing clutter boxes on this list, but there’s a acceptable acumen – it absolutely works. This clutter box appearance an centralized coursing apparatus that you can accomplish bound and calmly with the cull of a lever.

Not alone is this clutter box accessible to use, but it does a abundant job of authoritative clutter box odor and clutter scatter. It alike keeps acclimated clutter independent in a disposable decay alcove for accessible disposal.

This clutter box comes in several altered sizes to board multi-cat households and it has a ample entrance. It additionally appearance an chip carbon clarify to accumulate things beginning for your cat. Plus, there’s an easy-access aliment aperture so you can adviser the clutter akin and add added as needed.

What We Like:

  • Internal coursing apparatus operated by a lever
  • Covered architecture minimizes odor and scatter
  • Simple architecture is actual accessible to use

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Much added big-ticket than added options
  • Even the extra-large admeasurement may not be big abundant for some

Our Take:

If you’re accommodating to accomplish a cogent investment, this coursing cat clutter box could be a acceptable choice. This clutter box appearance an centralized coursing apparatus that can be operated artlessly with the cull of a lever. With its amid design, it controls clutter besprinkle and clutter box odor actual well.

#5 Best Fit For Ample Cats: Van Ness Amid Coursing Clutter Box

Buy On Chewy Buy On Amazon

Many coursing clutter boxes affection a accepted accessible pan architecture but not the Van Ness Coursing Amid Cat Clutter Pan. This clutter boxes appearance an amid architecture with a bright aperture and a athletic backpack handle.

This clutter box is fabricated from failing but abiding abstracts with a stain-resistant coating. Plus, the chip zeolite air clarify helps blot odors, befitting the clutter box beginning for your cat and eliminating odor alfresco the box for you.

With its amid design, this clutter box helps board clutter besprinkle and aerosol a well. It has a bright access aperture and a ample aperture to board bodies of all sizes. It is additionally abundantly sized and affluence abysmal to board the bulk of clutter your bodies like.

What We Like:

  • Lightweight architecture fabricated from stain-resistant material
  • Enclosed architecture helps ascendancy clutter box odor
  • Ideal for ample bodies and assorted cats

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Limited durability, artificial abstracts could be sturdier
  • Large volumes of aqueous may become sticky

Our Take:

If your cat prefers a covered clutter box, this coursing archetypal ability be a acceptable choice. It appearance a ample aperture with a bright aperture and two solid pans with a coursing pan to achieve cleanup easy. Some barter animadversion that the abstracts could be added durable, but we begin this clutter box formed able-bodied for the assignment it is advised to accomplish.

#6 Best Self-Cleaning: Omega Paw Roll’N Apple-pie Cat Clutter Box

Buy On Amazon

The Omega Paw Roll’N Apple-pie Cat Clutter Box is a self-cleaning clutter box, admitting not absolutely automatic. It appearance an centralized barbecue that scoops airtight decay back you angle the box on its side, depositing it in a daybed decay accumulating tray.

The account of this clutter box over added automated clutter boxes is that it doesn’t use any electricity and it will accumulate alive as continued as you charge it to.

Because this clutter box comes in two sizes, it’s absolute for beyond bodies and for multi-cat households. It does a abundant job of authoritative dust and clutter odor as able-bodied as clutter spillage and scatter. It works best with high-quality clumping cat clutter or clear litter.

What We Like:

  • Self coursing affection is accessible to use
  • No appropriate liners or filters required
  • Available in two sizes, works for ample cats

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Works bigger with some litters than others
  • Should be acclimated acclaim to anticipate breakage

Our Take:

If you’re attractive for a coursing clutter box that does best of the abundant lifting, this is a abundant option. You artlessly angle the box and let the centralized coursing barbecue do the assignment for you. As abundant as the architecture of this clutter box is, there are a few limitations.

First and foremost, it should be acclimated acclaim to abstain breaking the centralized mechanism. Second, it seems to assignment best with high-quality clumping clutter – bargain clutter may accomplish the box beneath effective.

Check out our abounding analysis of the Omega Paw Roll’N Apple-pie here.

#7 Best Automatic: PetSafe ScoopFree Automated Self-Cleaning Cat Clutter Box

Buy On Chewy Buy On Amazon

Take assignment absolutely out of the blueprint with the PetSafe ScoopFree Automated Self-Cleaning Clutter Box. This clutter box appearance an automated coursing rake that about scoops the clutter box for you.

What makes this clutter box unique, abreast from the automated raking feature, is that it uses clear cat litter. Clear cat clutter dehydrates carrion and absorbs aqueous waste, allowance you get added activity out of a distinct bag of litter.

This clutter box appearance a accepted accessible pan architecture (though both hooded and top-entry versions are available) with the rake positioned at the aback and a covered decay alcove at the front. About 20 account afterwards your cat uses the clutter box, the rake activates and sweeps solid decay into the decay alcove to advice with odor control.

The downside of this clutter box is that you charge use PetSafe branded clear clutter and their disposable trays. You can acquisition a reusable artificial tray for $50 on Chewy, but you’ll still charge to use clear litter.

What We Like:

  • Crystal clutter dehydrates solid decay and absorbs liquid
  • Automatic rake sweeps solid decay into a covered compartment
  • Completely takes the assignment out of blasting the clutter box

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Automatic timer is not adjustable (set at 20 minutes)
  • Must be acclimated with clear clutter and disposable trays

Our Take:

If you’re attractive for a coursing clutter box that does the assignment for you, this is it. This automated clutter boxes uses clear cat clutter which dehydrates solid waste, allowance to abate ashen litter. The automated rake sweeps beyond the box 20 account afterwards your cat uses it, blame solid decay into a covered alcove that helps accumulate clutter box odor to a minimum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do coursing clutter boxes work?

Yes! Coursing clutter boxes can abundantly abate the time and accomplishment it takes to beat the clutter box, as continued as you use the appropriate affectionate of litter. Best coursing clutter boxes assignment best with approved clutter (ideally clumping litter), admitting some may assignment with clear litter. The key is to acquisition a clutter that makes it no botheration for the coursing apparatus to abstracted decay from apple-pie litter.

How do I apple-pie a coursing clutter box?

Most coursing clutter boxes affection a 3-pan arrangement including two approved pans and one coursing pan. To apple-pie the box, lift the coursing pan to abstracted the decrepit clutter from the apple-pie litter. Actuate of the clumps again abode the abandoned coursing pan into the abandoned solid pan. Then, artlessly cascade the apple-pie clutter aback into the coursing pan and abundance the added solid pan underneath. Depending how bedraggled the coursing pan gets, you may charge to bathe it off amid uses.

Are coursing clutter boxes absolutely account it?

It depends. If you’re attractive for a new clutter box to abate the time and accomplishment it takes to apple-pie the clutter box again yes, definitely! If you use an another clutter or non-clumping litter, however, it may not assignment as able-bodied as it could, and you ability end up actuality disappointed.

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2 thoughts on “7 Best Coursing Clutter Boxes For Odor Control

  1. Angel

    I use ache pellets as litter. I’ve acclimated the Van Ness coursing clutter box, it was a abundant box and my cat would use it. She still sometimes kicked clutter to the edges and bend of the box and she generally would try to dig alfresco the box or on the rims of it. She’s a baby 8-9lb cat and I took her accomplishing this as her defective added room. I’ve now been application the Breeze clutter arrangement XL (for its size) and with ache pellets. I would say that it’s a absolute admeasurement box for bigger bodies as able-bodied as abate ones. It sifts ache dust accurately in the pee pad. A baby affair is I would acclaim still application the pee pads because if your cat address and pees afterpiece to the grates again the pee will go through. I like it’s glassy architecture and avant-garde colors. I anticipate I adulation it added than my cat does, I adulation activity to go attending at it and blitheness at how abundant added allowance she has to dig.


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