Cat Aliment Recalls

Stay acquainted and up to date with We’re Appreciative Whiskers’ cat aliment anamnesis tool. Our database includes recalls of pet food, treats, feed, and supplements dating aback to 2017. You’ll acquisition both binding and autonomous recalls accomplished by the FDA or at the manufacturer’s discretion.

If you’d like to acquisition recalls of a specific brand, use the chase apparatus to acquisition out if it’s on the list. You may array by date (newest to oldest) or by cast (results are apparent in alphabetical order). Bang on the anamnesis branch for added details.

What Should You Do If Your Cat’s Aliment Is Recalled?

If you affirm that your cat’s aliment has been recalled, actuality are four accomplish to follow:

Step 1: Stop.

Immediately abjure the potentially-affected food. About-face to an artless lot or a agnate artefact from addition brand. Abrupt comestible changes are difficult for some cats, but a adamantine stop is the alone advisable best in this situation.

Step 2: Almanac and save.

Don’t bandy aggregate abroad aloof yet.

Instead, booty bright photos of the food’s packaging, UPC code, lot number, and best-by date. Additionally, save a baby bulk of the aliment and benumb it in an air-tight container. If your cat gets sick, you can abide this sample to a class for testing. Booty addendum on back your cat aftermost ate the aliment and, if possible, how abundant he ate.

Once you’ve calm a sample and taken bottomward all the important details, you may bandy abroad any actual aliment and packaging.

Step 3: Report.

Contact the aggregation to acquaint them that you’re in control of the recalled product. You may be reimbursed for the botheration aliment and, if your cat gets sick, the aggregation will apperceive about it.

Remember that the advertisement isn’t the end of the anamnesis story. In the weeks and months afterwards a artefact is recalled, the FDA and architect will abide to investigate what acquired the botheration and how abounding pets were affected. Your address is an important allotment of that story.

Step 4: Observe.

Stay vigilant, watching your cat for any behavioral changes or affection of illness. The anamnesis advertisement ability detail the archetypal affection associated with the botheration food, so be decidedly acquainted of those. If you apprehension any signs of illness, acquaintance your veterinarian immediately.

Want To Address A Cat Aliment Complaint?

If you doubtable that your cat’s aliment or treats are attenuated or unsafe, abide a address to both the architect and FDA. If the FDA receives abundant affirmation of a problem, it will ask or adjustment the aggregation to anamnesis the afflicted foods.

Click actuality to appointment the FDA’s adviser to advertisement a pet aliment complaint.