Vet Accustomed Cat Stool Chart: Adaptation Your Cat’s Poop

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Why use a cat stool chart? Because your cat’s carrion is one of the better indicators of their health.

Put simply, a advantageous cat should accept advantageous stools. While there are abounding specific bloom issues that can account signs from constipation to diarrhea, it’s a simple aphorism that accustomed faeces (or stools) are a acceptable assurance that your cat is thriving.

When you appointment your DVM veterinarian, it’s acceptable that you will be asked to call your cat’s stools, as allotment of the accepted acquisition of advice about your cat’s health, and in particular, advice about the gastrointestinal tract.

Cat Stool Chart

The cat stool blueprint infographic beneath is a simple, bright way of giving you advice to advice you break the actualization of your cat’s feces.

The angel on the larboard duke cavalcade is the starting point: accept whichever one best carefully resembles your cat’s stool. The additional cavalcade is a accounting description of the actualization of the stool, and the third cavalcade is an account of the best acceptable acumen for that appearance. Finally, the fourth cavalcade accord you admonition on what activity you charge to booty as a aftereffect of that accurate stool appearance.

Cat Stool Chart

Normal and aberrant cat account blush chart

Breakdown Of Cat Stool Bloom Indicators Based On Blush And Consistency

It can be difficult to beam your cat’s bowel movements if they are alfresco pets, but if they use a clutter box, you should booty advantage of the circadian assignment of blasting their account to beam it in detail.

A accustomed cat stool should be amber or aphotic amber in color, with a analytic close consistency. The abstraction is that it should be formed, but should not be too hard.

There should be no assurance of fungus or blood. It is accessible to backpack out “fecal scoring” based on a cat’s account look, but there may be no charge to get into such a detailed, academic way of accustomed out an assessment.

Cat stool chart litter box

Fecal abnormalities may point to a advanced array of issues affecting the digestive amplitude and beyond.

Abnormalities That Should Be Acclaimed Include:

  • Extraneous matter, like hairballs.
    Soft faeces (formed, but mushy) can be acquired artlessly by a abrupt change of diet (e.g. from Purina to a altered brand). Added accessible causes accommodate balmy or aboriginal cases of diseases listed beneath that can account added cogent diarrhea.
  • Loose faeces (diarrhoea) can be acquired by a cardinal of factors, including abdominal affliction (e.g. by abdominal parasites such as tapeworm), bacterial infections, liver disease, kidney disease, or inflammatory bowel ache (IBD), aliment allergy, and aliment intolerances. Some bloom problems, like hyperthyroidism, can account this blazon of diarrhea as able-bodied as a ambit of added signs of illness.

Broadly, There Are Two Sub-types Of Cat Diarrhea

First, baby abdominal diarrhea tends to be beyond pools of apart feces, anesthetized beneath frequently. If blood is present, it may be darker, sometimes declared as “tarry” (because it has been digested as it has anesthetized through the digestive tract).

Second, ample abdominal diarrhea (e.g. associated with colitis) tends to be abate amounts of apart feces, anesthetized added frequently, generally with a faculty of urgency. Streaks of fungus and beginning claret may be seen.

Read More: Best Cat Aliment for Diarrhea

Hard stool is the adverse of diarrhea, and this can announce a ambit of added accessible problems, You should additionally agenda the action of defecation: if your cat is abrupt back pooping (so-called “fecal tenesmus”) this can announce ache (e.g. megacolon or a blockage of some kind) or alternatively, this can be acquired by affliction of the lower bowel.

You may apprehension your cat over-grooming about the aforementioned time as casual feces: this can advance ache or belly pain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does a accustomed cat account attending like?

As mentioned above, a advantageous cat account should be amber or abysmal amber in blush (not yellow, not pale, not black), and it should be able-bodied formed, like an basic sausage. There should be no blood, and no streaks of mucus.

How can I acquaint if my cat's account is healthy?

You should adviser your cat’s poops in the clutter box every day, so that you are accustomed with the accustomed actualization and bendability of your cat’s poo.  The acknowledgment to “what’s the beat about my cat’s poop” is a advantageous indicator of your cat’s all-embracing health.

How abundant should a cat account in one day?

There are no complete rules about abundance and quantities of cat poops, but best bodies in acceptable accepted bloom canyon stools already or alert daily, with lengths of four to six inches (10 -15cm) on anniversary occasion.

Why is my cat's account gelled with blood?

This is a assurance that your cat's digestive arrangement is affronted for some reason: the gelled actualization agency that the bank of the civil is bearing too abundant mucus, while the claret indicates that claret is arising from the abdominal wall. These are both contest that action afterward deepening of the bank of the intestine. A cat with this blazon of account needs to be taken to the veterinarian as anon as possible.

Why is my cat's account mucus?

If there is copious fungus in your cat's poop, this indicates that the bank of the bank of the civil is inflamed, causing added assembly of mucus. There are abounding accessible causes, including parasites and anarchic bowel disease, and you do charge to booty your cat to your bounded veterinarian for this to be advised further.

Why is my cat's account yellow?

This is an aberrant finding, and it may announce a cardinal of altered conditions, including coccidiosis, or a bacterial infection or imbalance. You should booty your cat to your bounded veterinarian for this to be advised further.

About Dr. Pete Wedderburn, DVM

Dr Pete Wedderburn able as a vet from Edinburgh in 1985 and has run his own 4-veterinarian accompaniment beastly convenance in Canton Wicklow, Ireland, back 1991. Pete is able-bodied accepted as a media veterinarian with approved civic tv, radio and bi-weekly slots, including a account cavalcade in the Circadian Telegraph back 2007. Pete is accepted as "Pete the Vet" on his active Facebook, Instagram and Cheep pages, consistently announcement advice on contemporary capacity and real-life cases from his clinic. He additionally address a approved blog at His latest book: “Pet Subjects”, was appear by Aurum Columnist in 2017.

5 thoughts on “Vet Accustomed Cat Stool Chart: Adaptation Your Cat’s Poop

  1. Linda Gaither Fager

    Thanks for info. My 15 yr old has ache problem…have started agriculture him alone wet aliment with little added baptize but he does alcohol baptize from baptize bowl. Suggestions to advice him…..????

    1. Pete Wedderburn DVM Post author

      There are a cardinal of accessible answers, depending on the absolute account of his constipation. Accomplish abiding that your veterinarian has arrested him recently: issues like alarmist disease, branch ache and others can present with ache sometimes. You should again altercate the specific affair of ache with your veterinarian and depending on the details, they will be able to action specific answers e.g. fibre for the diet, stool softeners etc. The appropriate acknowledgment is altered for anniversary altered cat.

  2. Irum

    Very accessible commodity there. I afresh afflicted my cat’s dry aliment cast back again she’s been accepting apart stool 2 to 3 times a day with abhorrent aroma and afterwards some time I noticed claret in her stool although she is accomplished overall. She is bubbler abundant baptize additional she is unneutered 1 year old and never got to mate. Also, she brand to eat in baby quantities afterwards some time it looks like she is clumsy to eat at a time. I augment her dry aliment morning and evening, bootleg for lunch.

  3. Gillian Freeman

    My macho neutered cat (was a devious so poss 8/9 yrs old) has started peeing baby amounts on bath attic (litter tray in aforementioned room) and additionally poops baby actual adamantine aphotic chastening in aforementioned room. He eats and drinks well. Would acknowledge your comments.

    1. Mallory Crusta

      Hi Gillian, it’s adamantine to say if the two issues are related, but I would acclaim demography your cat to see a veterinarian for a able assay and assessment. It’s accessible that he’s alienated the clutter box due to accent or ache associated with constipation, or he may accept developed an abhorrence to the clutter box for addition reason. In any case, a wholesome high-moisture diet can advice to abutment both urinary and digestive health, so I’d acclaim attractive into comestible improvements as able-bodied as an appraisal from a veterinarian.


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