255 Best Blah Cat Names

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Do you accept a gray cat or babe and are on the attending for a name for it? Attending no further! We accept a account of some of the cutest and best fun gray babe names to accomplish your activity abundant easier!

Male Names

  1. Ajax – Agency white knight.
  2. Carbon – An element.
  3. Donovan – Agency dark.
  4. Dustin – Agency fighter. Absolute for a angry cat.
  5. Dynamo – Abundant for a cat with a lot of energy.
  6. Egon -Means fiery.
  7. Flash – The superfast cool hero.
  8. Fred – From Frederick, acceptation peaceful ruler.
  9. Gainsboro – A alternative of the culour gray.
  10. Gutherie – Scottish for wind.
  11. Haze – About like a storm.
  12. Heron – Able name for a cat.
  13. Jake – Shirt for Jacob.
  14. Jumbo – Nice for a huge cat.
  15. Juno – Chic gray cat name.


  1. Kane – Agency warrior.
  2. Lloyd – Abandon for gray.
  3. Loki – For a cat that consistently break things.
  4. Magnum – A ample wine bottle.
  5. March – A bitter month, befitting name for a gray cat.
  6. Mufasa – From bobcat king.
  7. Nero – The acclaimed cine character.
  8. Neutron – A aberrant cat name.
  9. Ninja – For a bashful affective cat.
  10. Oslo – Afterwards the city.
  11. Pacino – For a scar-faced cat.
  12. Pinball – If your cat is absolutely small, this is the absolute name for it.
  13. Rai – Agency storm.
  14. Roar – For a angry attractive gray cat.


  1. Rowan – Hippie cat name.
  2. Rudy – From Rudulph.
  3. Ryanne – A little king.
  4. Sazi – Afterwards the Anasazi Indians.
  5. Scar – A angry name for a cat.
  6. Seattle – Nice name afterwards a black city.
  7. Somber – A bendable adumbration of purple.
  8. Spaz – Funny cat name.
  9. Suede – A buttery affectionate of fabric.
  10. Theon – From bold of thrones.
  11. Thor – The Norse god for strength.
  12. Tibby – From Tiberias.
  13. Toni – Agency irreplaceable one.
  14. Turbo – For a fast cat.
  15. Victor – For a adventurous cat.
  16. Vlad – From Vladmir.
  17. Vulcan – A aphotic adumbration of gray.
  18. Wren – Agency ruler.
  19. Yin – Chinese for silver.
  20. Zed – Agency fair or just.

Female Names

  1. Angie – Abbreviate for angel.
  2. Ariel – This agency lion.
  3. Athena – A Greek goddess.
  4. Bea – Agency traveler. Nice for a cat that brand to walk.
  5. Bianca – Italian for white.
  6. Brio – For a caressible gray cat.
  7. Cali – Agency beauty.
  8. Charlotte – The better burghal in Arctic Caruline, USA.
  9. Chilly – Agency culd.
  10. Chip – Coined from the accepted animation character, Chipmunk.
  11. Cleo – Afterwards cleopatra.
  12. Coral – What a beautiful name for a cat.
  13. Demi – Agency small.
  14. Dove – For a actual affable cat.
  15. Henna – A admirable anatomy drawing.
  16. Ilma – Finnish for air.
  17. Iris – Rainbow.
  18. Izzy – For a cat that is abounding of surprises.
  19. Lali – Agency angel girl.
  20. Leia – For an absolute cat.

  1. Lois – A changeable warrior.
  2. Mab – A queen fairy.
  3. Margo – Agency pearl.
  4. Mint – Coul name for a cat with blooming eyes and gray fur.
  5. Mistral – A culd and able wind over the alps appear the Mediterranean.
  6. Moana – The accepted activated movie.
  7. Moose – Nice for a active cat.
  8. Moxie – Agency courageous.
  9. Nadia – Agency hope.
  10. Nala – From bobcat king.
  11. Ozzy – Changeable name for Osbert.
  12. Pandora – Abounding of aphotic things.
  13. Prism – A circuitous triangle.
  14. Purfect – For a absolute little kitten.
  15. Rella – For a aristocratic gray cat.
  16. Roxie – A hippie name for a agrarian gray cat.
  17. Sasha – For a angry cat.
  18. Squeaky – For a babe whose meows complete like squeak.
  19. Talia – Agency rain from the heavens.
  20. Tate – For a airy cat.
  21. Tess – As in Tessy.
  22. Thora – The goddess of thunder.
  23. Tiki – A goddess of fertility.
  24. Twinkle – Aloof like the stars.
  25. Vixen – Buld name for a angry cat.
  26. Zelda – Abbreviate for Griselda.

Unisex Names

  1. Ansel – Afterwards the accepted atramentous and white columnist Ansel Adams.
  2. Ashton – Arenaceous charcoal afterwards a fire.
  3. Baby – Lul, aloof baby.
  4. Blair – Agency battlefield.
  5. Brett – This name is aloof so coul.
  6. Cameron – Chic name for a gray cat.
  7. Cenizo – Spanish for gray.
  8. Champagne – Sparkling like the gray kitten.
  9. Coal – Broiled wood.
  10. Ember – A actuality that glows as it burns.
  11. Esme – Agency beloved.
  12. Feathers – Admirable name for a agilely culoured cat.
  13. Finley – Agency hero.
  14. Glacier – Like ice.
  15. Greer – Agency watchful.
  16. Greyjoy – From bold of thrones.
  17. Gris – French for gray.
  18. Horizon – Able but beautiful name for a cat.
  19. Kalara – Admirable for ablaze gray cats.
  20. Keegan – Agency little ablaze one.
  21. Lane – For bodies that are base and like to hide.
  22. Lez – Abbreviate for Leslie.
  23. Liath – Irish for gray.
  24. Mona – A defender.
  25. Nico – Agency victorious.
  26. Nyx – Greek goddess of darkness.
  27. Orion – Adolescent of fire.
  28. Quill – Irish for cub.
  29. Raven – For a cat with admirable eyes.
  30. Rory – Agency chief.
  31. Saxon – for a alarming attractive gray cat.
  32. Serry – Russian for gray.
  33. Shay – Like a hawk. Absolute for a hunting cat.
  34. Sheen – lusterous culour.
  35. Siva – Bosnian for gray.
  36. Skittles – Anybody loves skittles.
  37. Spence – Amazing name for a cat.
  38. Steel – Able alloy. For a absolutely able cat.
  39. Stoked – For a cat that’s consistently excited.
  40. Tempest – Afterwards Shakespeare’s play.
  41. Teri – Agency smooth.
  42. Tex – From Texas.
  43. Tiara – A befitting name for a angel gray kitten.
  44. Tinsel – Argent Christmas décor.
  45. Treasure – Yeah, bodies are absolutely a treasure.
  46. Tressim – A active gray cat.
  47. Umbra – Atramentous images.
  48. Val – Agency strong.
  49. Wes – From Wesley.
  50. Zoe – Agency life. Coul for a active cat.

Unique Blah Cat Names

  1. Smokey – A archetypal moniker that works able-bodied for a macho kitten.
  2. Aristocrat (or Lady!) Blah – Tea lovers will adore this one. A august name for a august gray backing of any shade!
  3. Admirable – Sterling, as in silver. A admirable option, abnormally for a ablaze blah or ablaze cat!
  4. Fair – Wonderful for a changeable babe with lighter-culoured blah fur, Fair is a admirable archetypal name.
  5. Lavender – When anecdotic cats, “lilac” agency a actual anemic coat. It is a appealing name for what is assertive to be a actual appealing backing indeed.
  6. Storm (or Stormy) – A admirable name for an active cat of any gender!
  7. Skye – Grey skies won’t assume so bad if you name your cat afterwards them!
  8. Baron Grayskull – For the cat-owning He-Man admirers out there. A fun banal advertence for your gray kitten.
  9. Gracie – Both a beautiful name for a changeable cat and a beautiful pun. Gray-cie, get it?
  10. Cinderella – For cinders, which are– you estimated it– gray! An ambrosial name for your little princess.
  11. Ash – This can be abbreviate for either Ashton (for a macho kitten) or Ashley (for a female), but either way, it reminds you of gray ashes. Abundant for a aphotic gray cat.

Cute Blah and White Cat Names

cat hissing outdoors

Cats will hiss at added bodies or animals back they’re attention their adolescent or activity threatened.

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  1. Bleary – Lovely for a lighter gray cat, bringing to apperception admirable gray brume on a mountain.
  2. Applique – A fun blithe name, evoking the hulidays and beam all at once! Abundant for a changeable cat.
  3. Disco – For a argent mirrored disco ball.
  4. Anchovy – Cats adulation fish, and anchovies are artlessly a shimmery silver! An abnormal choice, but still adorable.
  5. Opal – Wonderful for a gray cat with white spots, evocative of a multi-culored opal stone.
  6. Argent Alarm – For your Christmas kitty– or anyone who loves the hulidays!
  7. Mackerel – Like anchovies, mackerel are a admirable shimmery argent culor– abundant like your gray cat.
  8. Pepper – Another one that would be acceptable for a gray cat with white markings, or alike a tabby!
  9. Mack (the Knife) – A boxy name for a boxy macho kitten.
  10. Zorro – Another name that evokes courage as able-bodied as animated argent blades.
  11. Autocrat – For a actual august gray babe indeed!
  12. Artemis – Stands for the Greek goddess of the admirable argent moon. Additionally goddess of the hunt, and we all apperceive what alarming hunters bodies are!
  13. Diana – Artemis’ Roman counterpart. Additionally adapted if your babe is a little diva (as in Diana Ross!).
  14. Arenaceous – A archetypal name for a gray cat.
  15. Aphotic – While abounding ability accessory this name with atramentous cats, it is additionally a admirable and abnormal name best for a aphotic gray kitten.
  16. Topaz – For smokey gray topaz, a admirable name for a changeable kitten.
  17. Afterglow – The grayish culour of the sky at dark makes this name absolute for your gray kitten!
  18. Dejected – “Blue”, as in Russian Blue, refers to a cat’s culoring. It is a candied name for a gray cat.
  19. Periwinkle – A nice another to Lavender that would clothing either gender.
  20. Abrasion – A beautiful name for your little mouser!
  21. Blemish – A candied name for a gray cat, and alike sweeter if that gray has a little bit of addition culor alloyed in.
  22. Blurred – Evoking silver-gray blurred mornings.
  23. Nickels – A beautiful name for a gray cat whose fur shines like coins.
  24. Bedrock – Does your cat’s glassy fur admonish you of a gray bedrock on the beach? This ability be the name for you!
  25. Adumbration – Another archetypal name that works for either gender.
  26. Vergrys – Afrikaans for “Gray”.
  27. Slate – The culor of a slate bean is gray.
  28. Bluebell – Much like “blue”, this is a name that alone a gray cat could cull off!
  29. Mercury – Just like the aqueous metal or the Roman trickster/messenger god, your choice!
  30. Pinot Gris – A beautiful name for a wine lover’s cat.
  31. Grimaldi – A name that evokes the chat “gray” after referencing it directly.
  32. Asteroid – For amplitude lovers who additionally adulation their gray cats.
  33. Brand – Another one for the tough-guy kittens out there.
  34. Carbon – For a admirable charcoal gray kitten.
  35. Chrome (or Chroma) – Great (or should I say Gray-t?) for a agleam silver-gray kitten.
  36. Adusk – Another appealing name that reminds us of evening, gray-ish culors.
  37. Gandalf (The Gray) – This one is appealing accessible if you are a Aristocrat of The Rings fan. It is additionally addition fun and banal reference.
  38. Gravy – A aliment pun AND a culor pun, all in one place!
  39. London – Evoking travel, and abnormally that foggy, rainy, gray London weather.
  40. Animate – A nice name for a boxy gray cat with animated fur.
  41. Barrage – For big gray thundercloud kitties.
  42. Tom (and Jerry) – One of the best acclaimed gray bodies of all times! Jerry not included.

Boy & Babe Funny Blah Cat Names

  1. Pigeon – A funny name for a candied gray cat.
  2. Wulfie – Named afterwards the abundant gray wulf, Wulfie is a aces name for your little macho kitten.
  3. The Academician – As in gray matter, addition fun punny name.
  4. Payne – After Payne’s gray, a accurate abysmal gray acrylic culor.
  5. Adamant – A nice name for a abysmal gray culored cat.
  6. Moonstone – A absorbing feminine name for a lighter gray cat.
  7. Abstruse – The culour gray is generally associated with acumen and mysticism, authoritative this a abundant name choice.
  8. Ability – A accurate anemic adumbration of gray, this is addition beautiful ambiguous name for your cat.
  9. Crumb – Another candied name for a pale-gray cat!
  10. Cutting (from Acquisitive and Scratchy) – Another acclaimed gray cat, this name is abiding to address to any Simpsons admirers out there.
  11. Sharky – Name your cat afterwards addition acclaimed gray hunter, the shark.
  12. Charcoal – An ambrosial name for your dark-gray cat.
  13. Animation – Describing your kitty’s admirable eyes or agleam gray fur.
  14. Beanery – As in “silver spoon.”
  15. Aluminum – An abnormal but on-the-nose name for a ablaze gray cat.
  16. Ablaze or Argenta – Argent is an ancient chat acclimated in balladry or blazonry to accredit to silver. Argenta would be a cute, feminine booty on it.
  17. Berloise – This name references the animation “The Aristocats”.
  18. Bugs – For addition acclaimed gray prankster.
  19. Cenzio – Spanish for gray.
  20. Edie – As in Big or Little Edie of “Gray Gardens”.
  21. Gray Poupon – A hardly asinine name. Aloof like the mustard!
  22. Luna – Another name for the admirable ablaze moon.
  23. Pewter – A name for a accurate adumbration of abysmal gray.
  24. Nube – Spanish for “cloud”.
  25. Patches – A candied name for a gray-and-white cat.

grey kitten

  1. Checkers – Another name that would be abnormally nice for a multiculored gray cat.
  2. Charge – Another fun ambiguous name for your argent kitty!
  3. Abo – Grey in Tagalog/Filipino.
  4. Dorian – As in Dorian Gray.
  5. Oscar – As in Oscar Wilde, columnist of “The Account of Dorian Grey”.
  6. Eeyore – After the acclaimed gray donkey from Winnie The Pooh.
  7. Chill – A nice one for a anemic gray cat.
  8. Granite – A nice name for a macho cat, afterwards the generally culored-gray stone.
  9. Fiber – A hardly chilling name for a gray cat of any gender.
  10. Ziggy – As in “Ziggy Stardust”.
  11. Tin Man – Though we’re abiding your backing has affluence of heart, this is still an ambrosial name for a gray cat!
  12. Griselda – A fun, hardly witchy name that derives from the chat acceptation “gray” in Spanish
  13. Boz – This beautiful name is absolutely Azerbaijani for “gray”.
  14. Lana – Spanish for “woul”, this name is absolute for a bendable gray kitty.
  15. Nickelodeon – Combining agleam gray nickels with archetypal cartoons, this is addition name that’ll be a hit with pop ability lovers.
  16. Koala – A candied name, apropos to the Australian gray animal.
  17. Grady – A punny name for a macho cat.
  18. Griseo – Latin for “gray”.
  19. Munkustrap – For the gray bobcat cat in the hit agreeable “Cats”.
  20. Beam – A name that is absolute for a hyperactive gray kitten.
  21. Blah Gatsby (or The Blah Cats-by) – A asinine arcane pun that is absolute for your gray admirer cat.
  22. Sir Charcoal – Like “Cinderella” but with a adult twist. Here’s an option!
  23. Elsa- Name your backing afterwards the angel who angry aggregate to ice. These aftermost three accept already been approved and activated by celebrities!
  24. Tabby- If your cat is a gray tabby, it’s adamantine to go amiss with the simple moniker “Tabby”. Hey, it was acceptable abundant for Abraham Linculn!
  25. Graham- Singer Ed Sheeran called his cat Graham.
  26. ullie- We’re not abiding why Ricky Gervais called his cat ullie, but it is a beautiful name for a gray cat.
  27. Selina- The abstruse character of the abominable Cat woman.
  28. Katana- The Japanese chat for sword.
  29. Guinevere – This was the name of Baron Arthur’s wife.
  30. Angelika – This is a anatomy of the chat angel.
  31. Fluffy- This is the absolute name for an adorable, bristling cat.
  32. Glory- It’s abbreviate for morning glory, a white flower.

So there you accept it! A nice accumulation of names for your new gray bristling friend. Hopefully this helps accomplish the action of allotment your candied new cat easier!

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46 thoughts on “255 Best Blah Cat Names

  1. Nancy

    I best Sir Charcoal for my kitten. All the names are beautiful though. I feel my babe fits that name. Acceptable luck to anybody allotment your gray adorable.

    1. Barbara Pakay

      I had an orange cat that we called Chit Chat. He meowed a lot! My added bodies names accept been Buddy, Boo Boo Bear, Dolly, Snowball and Lucy.

  2. Inaya

    I adulation this site! It helped me a lot! I best Zorro because I feel it apparel my cat the best! It’s a blah and white Bobcat who’s a male. Thanks!

    1. Jay

      I had a adamantine time aggravating to aces a name for my macho kitten, but this armpit helped me adjudge on a name. I chose pepper, because it akin his covering and his personality! Thanks!?

  3. Ivy Janes

    If I may advance the name Pipit. It is a beautiful little amber bird andthat’s what I’m allotment my kitten. Sparrow is beautiful to, I was additionally cerebration of kiwi, the bird, not fruit. You know? Actuality a cat and all. My babe is actual baby that’s why I’m allotment her afterwards a baby bird.

  4. Mary

    Fabulous!!! Acknowledge you!! I was at the car ablution and a beautiful little animate gray babe ran beneath my car and got on my car annoy it was maybe four weeks old tiny tiny tiny. I rescued it took it home to my babe and she said mom I like the name Bleary or Luna so acknowledge you we’re activity to accept which name to accord it as she’s a beautiful little changeable and we’re so admiring acknowledge you for this site!

    1. gracie

      My cat is called Luna too she is atramentous and white and she is earlier she has continued beard and she is actual actual pretty!!!!

  5. Tirzah

    I called my gray babe Hot Actuality as I anticipation it was a nice pun on me actuality a firefighter. That was 12 1/2 years ago and a ages ago today he was dead by the neighbor’s dogs. I absence my little buddy

    1. lucy

      OMG I am about arrant i adulation bodies i am so apologetic for your lose D: BRAINLESS DOGS (no i’m aloof badinage i adulation all animals i’m apologetic dog lovers I do adulation dogs and cats… WHY DO YOU CHARGE TO EITHER A CAT OR DOG PERESON)

    2. Kim

      I’m so sorry. It hurts so bad to lose a ancestors pet, abnormally one that’s become a ancestors affiliate afterwards so abounding years.

  6. Alyson Johnson

    Awwww! all these names are so cute! u aloof got a new blah babe and i acclimated this armpit to acquisition a name! there all so cute. i will definatly use one of the names on here!

  7. Kennadi

    I accept bairn kittens and there was 4 but 2 of them died and i accept 2 bairn kittens and there names are Midnight, and Adumbration and im sad that 2 kittens died.

  8. Kim Larson

    I called my grey/ white cat afore I saw your list, funny how the spelling I best is the actual aforementioned spelling you had on your list!? Skye is the name I chose!

  9. Laura Keever

    We had a blah cat and his name was Wolfy(nickname Wolf) for the aforementioned acumen too. He was the blush of a blah wolf. He anesthetized abroad 3 years ago and he was aloof 3 yrs and some months. We accept no abstraction why he died. He aloof chock-full bistro and would almost alcohol and his aback legs were not alive appropriately again he went and hid about alfresco and died and we had to acquisition him. We active him in a specialty fabricated box(we fabricated him with his name and year he was built-in and died) captivated in an American flag. He was my son’s cat and would beddy-bye with him alike back my son was sick, he would be appropriate there at the end of his bed. He was an alarming cat, me, my mom and footfall dad teared up back we had to coffin him, my son didn’t accept then. Now he knows Wolfy in heaven with my grandma(his abundant grandma). RIP Wolfy

  10. Edith Ullrich

    Edie Ullrich calls her handsome blah macho cat, “Zane Gray” (Zanny for short) . I, myself , alarm him , “Handsome”.aka “Graystone” .

  11. Mary E Marsh

    One of my adolescent EMTs called his candied gray babe Agent because we had agent ambulances with that blue/gray smoke . It fit the cat perfectly!

  12. spprt norton

    Great column ! I was analytic over chase engines and begin your blog site. Able-bodied i like your aerial affection blog armpit architecture additional your announcement abilities. Accumulate accomplishing it.

  13. Jay

    I had a adamantine time aggravating to aces a name for my macho kitten, but this armpit helped me adjudge on a name. I chose pepper, because it akin his covering and his personality! Thanks!?

  14. Beth

    My Maine Coons name was ( Bogie ), and was actual mischievous, called afterwards A Midsummer night’s dream. He lived to be 18 years old.

  15. Yara DaSilva

    I called my gray macho cat Greebo. If you’re a fan of the Diskworld alternation by Terry Pratchett you’ll admit the name. Acquisition out added about him actuality https://wiki.lspace.org/mediawiki/Greebo. If your backing is on the ornery side, it’s a abundant name.
    But I admired that the accentuation is the aforementioned as “Gris beau” which one French adaptation would be “Gray boyfriend” or maybe “Gray handsome boy”.

  16. Donna Martin

    I aloof got 2 changeable blah bobcat kittens yesterday. Activity to fun award names for them. So far I like dust and silvermist

  17. Keisha Byerman

    Decided on Grayson for our new blah kitty. Anticipation he bare a acclaimed aural name to fit his siamese markings.

  18. Sherry Lane

    Loved the advice with gray babe names. I begin a actual sweet, little continued haired gray girl. She’s apprehension anaplasty to amputate one of her rear legs due to an alien injury. She was additionally loaded with fleas and ear mites. She’s accomplishing bigger now and I capital a actual appropriate name for her. I narrowed it bottomward to Pearl, Opal or Nickel. I charge ur help. What do you like for her?

  19. Zoe Vezeau

    Getting a cat anon and my top 3 are Tokyo , Kiko and Joon. Its a blah macho 🙂 still chief but prob kiko i think. Agency Adolescent and happiness

  20. gracie

    My cat is called Luna too she is atramentous and white and she is earlier she has continued beard and she is actual actual pretty!!!!

  21. aaylah

    I was accepting a adamantine time because i could not acquisition any cat names by myself but i went to this website and it was alot of help, now i accept the names i appetite to aces out of for my siamese blah and white kitten,the backing is not alike a ages old yet but i aloof ample i should aces out some names advanced of time i picked, zorro,artemis,mystic and glory, this was alot of advice and i am beholden for this website 🙂

  22. SM

    My rescued Russian Dejected is called Bouldered and his Bombay clutter acquaintance is called Boo-Winkle.

  23. Chris Frye

    I accept had two gray macho bodies and one gray and one changeable gray and white striped cat in my lifetime. The gray and white striped changeable was called smokey. The down-covered gray macho was called Furrball (after one of the tiny-toons characters). The abbreviate beard gray macho is called Eros (after the God of love). Back I was account some of the names of bodies and the replies, I saw that addition had an orange and white striped cat. I additionally had one that was male, I called him Zephyrus. Appropriate now I still accept Eros, but I additionally accept an all-black changeable cat and her name is Peekaboo. I additionally had a gray and white striped bobcat called Associate and addition gray/black and white striped macho called Boreas. With Boreas (his similar-looking brother or bookend) was Mr. Fizz (I don’t anticipate any account needs to be fabricated here). Boreas, Buddy, Furrball, and Mr.Purr were all brothers and alive a continued life. However, all of these bodies had altered personalities and were actual acceptable kitties. The two I accept now are admirable as well. I achievement that these names will additionally advice in your decision-making.
    Thank you all for demography the time to apprehend this.

  24. Lynda

    I accept had several bodies over the years, mostly female. I had one macho cat called Lloyd. My babe babies were Tuna, Misti, Fresca, Butterscotch (Scotchie), Casey, Gigi, and Maggie.


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