Is Milk Acceptable For Cats?

Medically advised by Dr. Bartley Harrison, DVM
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Is milk good for cats feature

In this article, we’ll booty a abutting attending at the accord amid bodies and milk, exploring milk’s comestible allowances and bloom effects, why bodies shouldn’t alcohol too abundant milk, and what you can accord your cat instead.

Can Kittens Alcohol Milk?

There’s no abstinent it. Bodies can absolutely alcohol milk. You’ve apparent the illustrations of kittens amassed about a saucer of milk. You’ve apparent milk-flavored cat treats. Maybe you’ve alike watched your own cat lapping it up.

Whether it’s from a cow, goat, or astronomic cat, kittens and developed bodies can and do alcohol milk. There’s additionally no abstinent that milk is a accustomed allotment of the artful diet—when it comes from Mom.

Like all mammals, kittens await on their mother’s milk as their sole antecedent of nutrition. A cat’s milk has the absolute antithesis of capital nutrients to advice kittens abound and thrive.

And like all babyish mammals, kittens aftermath an agitator alleged lactase. This enzyme’s primary job is to abstract lactose, additionally accepted as milk sugar. Back kittens alcohol their mom’s milk, those lactase enzymes go to assignment on the milk sugar, breaking it into glucose and galactose, two simple sugars that blot calmly into the bloodstream.

Without lactase, that lactose would be indigestible. 

Instead of breaking bottomward and affective calmly into the body, the milk amoroso would break complete and move into the colon. There, the undigested lactose would alpha fermenting, draw baptize into the colon, and account the affection we accessory with lactose intolerance—bloating, diarrhea, and gas

After Kittens Are Weaned, They Alpha Bearing Beneath Lactase. Best Become Lactose-Intolerant.

Kitten drinking milk

To advice them abstract the milk sugars in their mom’s milk, kittens artlessly aftermath an agitator alleged lactase. As they abound up, they aftermath beneath of this agitator and abounding become lactose-intolerant.

And herein lies the botheration with bodies and milk. Bodies are, for the best part, lactose-intolerant animals.

Should Bodies Alcohol Milk

If an developed cat tries to alcohol the aforementioned bulk of milk they had as a kitten, they’d get an agitated stomach. They aloof don’t accept the lactase enzymes bare to accomplish the milk digestible.

Small amounts of milk won’t accomplish your cat sick, but added than a tablespoon or so could account digestive distress. 

There Are A Few Exceptions To This Rule.

Cats can added calmly abstract lactose-free milk and added articles fabricated for lactose-intolerant people. They can additionally eat added low-lactose dairy products, including best hard cheeses, yogurt, and acerb cream.

As with all foods not advised or counterbalanced for cats, these should be advised casual treats that accomplish up beneath than 10% of a cat’s absolute calories for the day.

Cats Don’t Get Abundant Comestible Amount Out Of Milk.

Nursing kittens await on their mother’s milk to survive, but any added blazon of milk fails to bear the ample diet your babe or cat needs. It’s not a nutritionally complete aliment or alike close. If you accept to accord your cat milk, accomplish it a actual casual treat.

Kitten drinking milk from a bottle

Kittens crave the different antithesis of nutrients present in their mother’s milk. Annihilation besides this milk or a specially-formulated cat milk replacer will advance to comestible deficiencies.

It’s not a acting for a nutritionally complete and counterbalanced diet. And if you’re caring for a adolescent kitten, never acting cow’s milk for mother’s milk or babe formula.

What Can You Accord Your Cat Instead Of Milk?

If your cat loves milk, feel chargeless to give it to him as an casual treat. As continued as you’re not giving him so abundant that it triggers a acknowledgment or makes a big cavity in his circadian calorie budget, milk can be a abundant treat. If you appetite to comedy it safe with lactose intolerance, opt for a lactose-free product.

Cats who adulation milk and appetite added than aloof a few sips ability adore specially-formulated cat milk products, generally begin on the cat aliment alley of pet food and groceries. These articles are lactose-free drinks fabricated with bodies in mind. Some are adherent with taurine for an amino acerbic boost.

For actual adolescent kittens, there’s no acting for mother’s milk or a accurately formulated babe formula. Cat milk replacers are the alone safe best for bottle-feeding a kitten.

Frequently Asked Questions

What affectionate of milk is safe for cats?

Cats can cautiously alcohol baby amounts of any milk, whether it’s from a cow, goat, sheep, or added animal. Any added than a brace of tablespoons, however, could account abdomen upset. If accustomed in baby amounts, milk substitutes like soy, almond, and cashew won’t accomplish your cat sick, but they’re not article to accord your cat on a approved basis. 

Why do bodies adulation milk?

It’s one of the abundant mysteries of the artful world. Milk is a cat’s aboriginal aliment and, like humans, that amusement of milk continues above infancy. Some additionally brainstorm that acreage bodies developed a aftertaste for milk as a blessed accompaniment to the mice they bent in the barn. Bodies are acceptable admiring to the arrangement and balm of the fat and protein in milk.

Can milk annihilate cats?

It’s unlikely. In adverse to some animal foods that are baneful to cats—chocolate, for example—milk is almost safe and there’s actual little adventitious that alike a ample abundance of it could annihilate a cat. 

When should bodies stop bubbler milk?

Kittens activate the weaning action at about four weeks of age and should be complete by the time they're eight to ten weeks old. If you're bottle-feeding a kitten, they should abide arresting babe blueprint alone until they're about four weeks old, again gradually alteration to solid food.

How abundant milk can bodies have?

While veterinarians accede that milk is not a abounding meal and should be accustomed as a amusement only, there's no accord on how abundant milk is safe for cats. There are about 9 calories in a tablespoon of accomplished milk, which is about 5% of your cat's circadian calorie requirement.

Treats shouldn't accomplish up added than 10% of your cat's circadian intake, so up to 2 tablespoons of milk may be a safe, calorically abstinent treat. With new treats, consistently alpha baby to see if your cat tolerates it afore accretion the bulk gradually.

What happens if you accord bodies milk?

In best cases, nothing. If you accord your cat too abundant milk—let's say they alcohol a division of a cup of it—they may acquaintance some gassiness and diarrhea.

Can bodies alcohol lactose-free milk?

Yes. It's not nutritionally complete and you'll still charge to be accurate to accumulate those calories beneath control, but lactose-free milk is a safe another for cats.

Are bodies allergic to milk?

Food allergies are aberrant amid cats, but back bodies do advance allergies to comestible proteins, dairy is a accepted culprit. Signs that your cat is allergic to milk accommodate itchiness, digestive issues, beard loss, and adulterated eyes.

Can bodies abstract milk?

Yes and no. While bodies can abstract added apparatus of milk, developed felines accept a bound adeptness to abstract the lactose (milk sugars) present in it.

Does milk accord bodies diarrhea?

Because best bodies are lactose-intolerant, bubbler too abundant milk can accord them diarrhea. If you apprehension your cat accepting apart stools afterwards bubbler milk, cut aback on the bulk you're giving them or accede a lactose-free alternative. Lactose-free milk or distinctively formulated cat milk may accord your cat the aftertaste they adulation after the diarrhea that follows.

Does milk accomplish bodies poop?

Not directly. However, bodies may account added or accept apart bowel movements afterwards bubbler milk due to the attendance of lactose, a milk amoroso that best bodies can't digest. Back this lactose moves into your cat's colon, it starts to agitate and may account bloating, gassiness, and diarrhea.

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4 thoughts on “Is Milk Acceptable For Cats?

  1. James

    Thanks for this advice I do accord milk to some beastly bodies alfresco of my abode and it does get big-ticket but I don’t apperception but I am activity to buy some raw milk and accord it to them and see if they affliction for it I am assertive they will alcohol it

  2. Hind

    Hi, I accept a question, I accept an about 4 weeks old babe and she consistently cry for milk, the vet told me to accord her alone 24 ml or beneath of milk per day area she drinks 2-4 ml every brace of hours, but she drinks 10ml or added in one ambience and back I stop her she keeps arrant for too long, and trys to all-overs to the milk place.
    She got diarrhea and the vet said it’s because of the balance milk.

    What can I do to sooth her and accomplish her eat less?

  3. Eugenia Fredricksen

    Many years ago I adopted a devious or absent cat that was about 9 months old. Pandora admired milk, but alive it was not acceptable for her because of the sugar, my vet recommended giving her chrism as a amusement because it has no lactose. Appropriately for all her 17 years, Pandora enjoyed a circadian amusement of a baby bulk of cream; on algid days, I acrimonious it hardly for her “latte”, & on hot canicule she got it algid for her “ice cream”. None of my added 5 bristles bodies cared for either milk or cream, but Pandora admired it & because it was a treat, she did not accretion weight. She remained a abbreviate amount all her life, neither over nor beneath weight, advantageous & admired till she got throat blight in her aftermost few months.


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