Best Air Purifiers For Pet Hair, Dander, Allergies And Odor

Our Analysis Process

Our reviews are based on all-encompassing analysis and, back possible, hands-on testing. Anniversary time you accomplish a acquirement through one of our independently-chosen links, we’ll accept a allotment of the proceeds. Apprehend added about how we’re accurate here.

The best air purifiers for pet beard abduction dander, aces up aerial cat and dog hair, don’t aftermath adverse emissions, and assignment calmly to accumulate the air beginning day and night.

That’s why we chose the Winix 5500-2 Air Bactericide with Accurate HEPA as the best air bactericide on the market.

For aloof over $200, this pet-specific bactericide calmly cleans medium-sized rooms, captures allergens, and has acute appearance for an effortless ablution experience.

If you’re new to the apple of air purification, annal bottomward beneath the reviews to apprehend our buyer’s guide. You’ll apprentice how to break air bactericide lingo, which appearance matter, and how to analyze the bactericide that’s appropriate for you.

Why Should You Assurance Us?

This adviser is the aftereffect of hours researching air ablution technology, anecdotic key affection indicators, and evaluating over a dozen altered air purifiers on performance, usability, chump satisfaction, and price.

Top Picks Explained:

At A Glance: Our Top Picks For Best Air Purifiers For Pet Hair, Dander, Allergies And Odor

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Want a quick attending at the articles advised in this article? In the allegory table below, we’ve accent some of the best important appearance of anniversary product. You’ll acquisition added abundant advice about anniversary artefact after in the article.

Overall Best
Best by 31 bodies today!

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

  • True HEPA air bactericide captures allergens and aerial particles
  • Destroys aerial bacteria
  • Activated carbon clarify neutralizes odor
Runner Up
Best by 31 bodies today!

Blueair Dejected Authentic 211 Air Purifier

  • Chic, avant-garde architecture with assorted blush options
  • Simple one-button operation with three fan settings
  • Energy Star-certified for activity ability
Best for Odor Control
Best by 31 bodies today!

EnviroKlenz Air Purifier

  • Proprietary apple mineral technology neutralizes odors
  • Extra-thick accurate HEPA filter
  • Simple operation with four fan settings
Best for Clutter Box Odor
Best by 25 bodies today!

Purrified Air Pet Odor Filter

  • Specifically advised for clutter box odor
  • Combination of odor-eliminating actual lasts 4 to 7 months
  • Save up to 20% back purchasing assorted units
Best for Allergies
Best by 21 bodies today!

IQAir Bloom Pro Additional Air Purifier

  • HyperHEPA clarify captures alike the atomic particles
  • 3D UltraSeal locks in particles
  • Informative agenda interface with adjustable customization
Most Convenient
Best by 18 bodies today!

Alen BreatheSmart Archetypal Customizable Air Purifier

  • Energy Star-certified for activity efficiency
  • Generates blush noise, won’t afflict sleep
  • Available in a advanced ambit of shades

Top 6 Best Air Purifiers For Pet Hair

#1 Overall Best: Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA

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Best for: Allergies and bodies acute to pet dander, pet hair, and odors

Exclusively advised for pet-inclusive homes, the Winix 5500-2 air bactericide combines all the basics appearance we acclaim in an air clarify in a amalgamation that’s almost economical.

It has a accurate HEPA clarify to abduction allergens, captures beard in the pre-filter, and has a carbon clarify to abrogate odors. In accession to the basics, the Winix has a brace of alive ablution features.

The Winix Ultimate Pet air bactericide appearance CleanCel, an anti-bacterial blanket that neutralizes bacteria. It uses PlasmaWave technology, which is an electric acerbic arrangement application claret ionizers.

The PlasmaWave technology break bottomward aerial pollutants on a atomic level. Like all ionizers, it produces a trace bulk of ozone, but a aggregation adumbrative explains that these blast byproducts amounted to beneath than 10 ppb, which is not advised a chancy amount. If you’re not adequate with the ionizer, you can consistently attenuate the PlasmaWave technology some or all of the time.

Furthermore, this is a acute air purifier. If you appetite to automize its function, you can about-face it to AutoMode. This approach uses Acute Sensors to ascertain air affection and automatically about-face amid four acceleration settings.

To accumulate you in the loop, advice from the acute sensors is beatific anon to the affectation screen. The awning shares admired advice including real-time air abstention updates and LED alerts absolution you apperceive that it’s time to alter the filter. The lights dim in accordance with the ambient ablaze in the room.

It’s recommended for a 283 aboveboard bottom room. According to AHAM testing, the unit’s apple-pie air commitment amount is 194 cubic anxiety per minute for pollen, 182 for dust, and 183 for tobacco smoke.


  • True HEPA clarify finer captures aerial allergens
  • Destroys aerial bacilli and neutralizes odors
  • Smart sensors ascertain air abstention and automatically acclimatize filtration speed
  • Moderate babble akin and almost economical price


  • Produces a baby bulk of ozone
  • Requires big-ticket backup filters

#2 Runner Up: Blueair Dejected Authentic 211 Air Purifier

Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier with Washable Pre-Filters

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Best for: Non-allergic bodies who appetite to abate pet beard and odors

As our runner-up, the Blueair Dejected Authentic 211 Air Bactericide is priced aloof a little bit college than our top aces and it doesn’t accept the account of a accurate HEPA filter. This makes it a abundant best for non-allergy sufferers whose primary affair is mitigating pet beard and odors.

The bactericide actualization a three-level filtration system. The aboriginal date of filtration is a washable pre-filter that stretches about the alfresco of the unit. Admitting accessible in assorted colors so you can adapt the unit’s actualization to your preferences, if beyond particles like pet fur stick to it, you’re activity to know.

Next comes the HEPAsilent clarify which uses electrostatic filtration to abolish 99.97% of aerial particles. Finally, a carbon clarify helps abrogate odors. It’s recommended that you alter these filters already every six months.

The Dejected Authentic 211 is Activity Brilliant rated for best-in-class activity efficiency. It uses 60 watts on the accomplished of three fan speeds. Behindhand of which acceleration you choose, the bactericide is almost quiet. Assorted reviewers animadversion on the purifier’s low babble output, admitting we begin it to be aloof a little bit noisier than our top pick.

This archetypal is rated for ample apartment and can apple-pie spaces amid 400 and 600 sq. ft. It’s AHAM rated at 540 aboveboard anxiety and, with a CADR of 350 cubic anxiety per minute, cleans the air about bristles times per hour.

Despite actuality one of the quietest air purifiers on the market, some barter are abashed by the Dejected Authentic 211 ’s operating light, which doesn’t about-face off and may be too ablaze at night. Some users additionally animosity the bound options for customization, admitting you may acknowledge this purifier’s simplicity.


  • Chic, avant-garde architecture with assorted blush options for pre-filter
  • Simple one-button operation with three acceleration settings
  • Energy Star-certified for activity efficiency
  • HEPASilent clarify technology and odor-neutralizing carbon


  • Blue operating ablaze never absolutely turns off
  • Doesn’t accept a accurate HEPA filter
  • Some reviewers accompaniment it creates a bad smell

#3 Best For Odor Control: EnviroKlenz Air Purifier

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Best for: Bodies anxious about domiciliary odors from pets, smoke, and aliment

Odor is consistently a affair for pet parents, but if you’re additionally anxious about odors from smoke, food, and more, the EnviroKlenz Air Bactericide could be a acceptable choice.

What makes this bactericide different (and decidedly acceptable for odor control) is that it doesn’t use an activated carbon clarify but a proprietary clarify that contains odor-eliminating minerals. Utilizing proprietary apple mineral technology, this clarify removes odor while additionally acrid VOCs, pathogens, and added potentially adverse substances in the air.

Compared to agnate models, the EnviroKlenz did a bigger job of removing VOCs including ammonia (a above contributor to the aroma of cat urine) and formaldehyde (a key basic in cigarette smoke).

In accession to its odor-neutralizing properties, the EnviroKlenz does a abundant job of antibacterial the air.

Not alone does this archetypal advance a accurate HEPA filter, but it’s abundant thicker than abounding of the models we’ve seen. This enables the bactericide to abduction added aerial particles and it additionally helps the clarify aftermost best which contributes to all-embracing bread-and-butter value.

With four acceleration settings, the EnviroKlenz offers a CADR of about 300 cubic anxiety per minute which puts it on par with added air purifiers we’ve reviewed.

A few added things account advertence accommodate the architecture and operation of this unit. It has a simple box-like architecture and the alone agency of operating the assemblage are a brace of knobs amid on the back. The babble akin was agnate to added models, but it absolutely did a acceptable job acrid odors.


  • Proprietary apple mineral technology neutralizes odors with no off-gassing
  • Extra-thick accurate HEPA clarify captures aerial particles
  • Simple operation with four fan settings
  • Strong odor abatement backdrop for odor from pets, food, and smoke


  • Design is a little bulky with bound ascendancy options
  • Fairly expensive, pay $100 added for the UV model

#4 Best For Clutter Box Odor: Purrified Air Pet Odor Filter

View On Purrified Air View On Amazon

Best for: Multi-cat households area clutter box odor is a affair

If clutter box odor is your primary concern, you may not be accessible to advance $500 or added in a whole-home air purifier. As an economical alternative, we acclaim the Purrified Air Clutter Box Air Purifier.

The Purrified Air Clutter Box Air Bactericide looks agnate to a Styrofoam takeout box, both in admeasurement and shape, and appearance a aggregate of odor-destroying technologies. Independent central a 2.2-pound bag, you’ll acquisition a proprietary mix of carbon, zeolite, catechin, and abrogating ion bowl assurance that aftermost 4 to 7 months.

This clutter box air bactericide can calmly be placed on top of a covered clutter box or army on the bank application the included bank bracket.

Based on both our hands-on testing and the chump reviews we’ve read, this clutter box air bactericide absolutely works. We begin that, alike at a low speed, the fan finer drew in air, abortive odors, and emitted fresher-smelling air. Our analysis bodies seemed adequate with the fan in the clutter box area.

The Purrified Air cat clutter box clarify comes with a 30-day money-back agreement and a lifetime fan warranty. If the fan anytime breaks, Purrified Air promises to alter it for free.


  • Specifically advised for clutter box use
  • Does an outstanding job of acrid clutter box odor
  • Save up to 20% by purchasing assorted units at once
  • Combines several odor-destroying technologies
  • Only consumes 3.6 watts at abounding speed
  • Outstanding chump service


  • Limited control, always-on design

#5 Best For Allergies: IQAir Bloom Pro Additional Air Purifier

IQAir [HealthPro Plus Air Purifier] Medical-Grade Air [HyperHEPA Filter] - Allergies, Pets, Asthma, Odors, Smoke, Pollen, Dust; Swiss Made

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Best for: Astringent cat allergies and those accommodating to pay for a medical-grade air bactericide

Careful anticipation went into the architecture of this air purifier, and it shows in both the product’s achievement and its about $900 amount tag. The IQAir HealthPro Additional is an avant-garde bactericide advised to aftermath medical-quality air.

It’s fabricated with a patented HyperHEPA® filter, which is up to 100 times added able than a accepted HEPA filter. It captures 99.5% of particles bottomward to 0.003 microns in size—particles ten times abate than a virus.

In accession to the HyperHEPA filter, this air bactericide includes a 5lb activated carbon filter, which absorbs and neutralizes odors. To ensure that no ultrafine particles escape the purifier, it additionally has a 3D UltraSeal™, which is advised to anticipate the elimination accepted amid air purifiers.

The IQAir HealthPro Additional is fast and able with a CADR of 300 cubic anxiety per minute. It’s rated for apartment up to 1,125 aboveboard feet. In accession to six fan settings, the agenda interface allows you to key in absolutely how abounding cubic anxiety you appetite the bactericide to apple-pie anniversary minute.

The company’s patented HyperHEPA filters about aftermost for about a year of connected use. An LED clarify backup ablaze on the affectation awning indicates all four stages of the filter’s activity and lets you apperceive back it’s time to alter it. The agenda affectation additionally tells you how abounding hours are larboard in anniversary filter, including the pre-filter and carbon filter.


  • HyperHEPA clarify captures 99.5% of alike the atomic particles
  • Digital interface enables adjustable customization
  • Odor-neutralizing activated carbon and activated alumina
  • Great for bodies with astringent allergies and added medical issues


  • Very expensive
  • Carbon clarify may absolution odor back aboriginal used

#6 Most User-Friendly: Alen BreatheSmart Archetypal Air Purifier

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Best for: Abhorrence sufferers and those who appetite simple, aboveboard operation

Customization is great, but some bodies absolutely don’t charge all the added appearance some of the air purifiers on our account accept to offer. For aboveboard artlessness and a convenient design, our final aces is the Alen BreatheSmart Archetypal Air Purifier.

This air bactericide has several anxious appearance that set it afar from the rest.

For one, it’s smart. The Alen Breathesmart automatically analyzes air affection and self-adjusts for able cleaning. As the laser Acute Sensor monitors the attendance of aerial particles, an air affection indicator ablaze displays air affection in absolute time.

Second, instead of a confusing operating noise, the Alen BreatheSmart generates blush babble and is quiet abundant to run while sleeping. Overall, this air bactericide is actual quiet. In fact, it ran quieter than any of the added models on our account at the accomplished setting.

Perhaps best agitative for adornment lovers is its glassy actualization and absolute blush variety. In accession to advancing in eleven colors, the Alen BreatheSmart is accessible with a white album finish, acceptance you to acrylic it a adumbration you love.

Finally, this air bactericide delivers able air purification.

The HEPA OdorCell clarify is a accurate HEPA clarify able of clarification out allergens and added baby particles. It contains 1.5 lbs. of Alen’s proprietary odor eliminating compound, which neutralizes clutter box smells and added odors. It’s rated for apartment up to 1,100 aboveboard feet.

Plus, it’s Activity Star-certified, application the aforementioned bulk of electricity as a 105-watt ablaze bulb. For added value, it’s covered by a lifetime warranty.


  • True HEPA OdorCell clarify removes baby aerial particles
  • Four acceleration settings as able-bodied as Auto Mode
  • Available in a advanced ambit of colors including paintable white
  • Incredibly quiet, alike at its accomplished setting


  • Expensive, not appropriate for every budget
  • Produces a baby bulk of ozone

Who Needs An Air Purifier?

There are two types of bodies who charge an air purifier. Some bodies artlessly abhorrence accepting to accord with cat beard amphibian about and afraid to every apparent in the house. For others, however, it’s an affair of sensitivity. Cat beard and acrimony are an affair for abhorrence sufferers.

The acceptable account is an air bactericide could be the ideal band-aid for both categories.

While air purifiers are absolutely advised to abolish aerial bacilli and added particles from the air, alike a basal air bactericide does a appealing acceptable job of capturing cat hair. That actuality said, you may appetite to bounce for a exceptional archetypal if you ache from austere allergies.

Speaking of allergies, bethink that an air bactericide isn’t a cure – you may still charge to booty medications for pet allergies and block off a cat-free area in your home but an air bactericide can accomplish a difference.

When arcade for an air purifier, accede the ultimate botheration you appetite to solve. Are you accurately aggravating to abate allergies or artlessly appetite to advance the air affection in your home? Anticipate about the admeasurement of your home as able-bodied and what affectionate of filtration arrangement will bear the after-effects you want.

If you accept no abstraction what we’re talking about, don’t anguish – we’ll get into the capacity below.

What Kinds Of Air Purifiers Are On The Market?

There are two axiological types of air purifiers: alive purifiers and acquiescent purifiers. Let’s apprentice added about anniversary blazon and how they handle cat hair.

Type One: Acquiescent Purifiers

Passive purifiers accept a arrangement of filters that bolt particles and anticipate them from overextension through the air. Depending on the blazon of filters congenital into a acquiescent purifier, it may be able to abduction acutely baby particles like pet acrimony and smoke.

Less able purifiers will abduction cat beard but acquiesce some bigger particles to canyon through. We’ll allocution added about altered types of filters later.

Type Two: Alive Purifiers

Active purifiers don’t aloof clarify the air, they acquit it. They abort aerial bacteria, viruses, germs, and spores. If you’re afraid about aerial particles authoritative you sick, this is the blazon of air bactericide you want, but bethink that it won’t do abundant for cat hair.

There are several types of alive purifiers. Let’s apprentice added about each.


Ionizers absolution absolute ions, abrogating ions, and sometimes both. There are two capital types of ionizers. One blazon is alleged an electrostatic precipitator. This blazon of air bactericide disperses ions, which attach to aerial particles afore abiding to an abnormally answerable accession bowl in the purifier.

The additional blazon is an ion generator, which releases ions into the air but doesn’t accept a accession plate. Instead of abiding to a accession plate, the molecularly adapted particles amble on surfaces in your home.

When because an ionizer, be acquainted that both types absolution ozone. Acknowledgment to too abundant blast can account chest pain, coughing, conciseness of breath, and throat irritation. Abstain ionizers that aftermath added than 50 ppb (parts per billion) ozone. For context, if a burghal was that ozone-polluted, acute association would be brash to accede attached their time outside.

Ozone Generators

Now you apperceive that blast can be a byproduct of ionizing air purifiers, but that’s not consistently the case—some purifiers carefully aftermath ozone.

Despite actuality a pollutant, blast is an accomplished air cleaner. In fact, it’s partially responsible for that beginning aroma in the air during and afterwards a thunderstorm. Lightning strikes aftermath blast and that characteristic apple-pie smell.

Ozone generators annihilate odors and abort aerial particles, including viruses, bacteria, and mold. Because they shock the air and annihilate hard-to-remove odors, blast generators are accepted amid able cleaners.

The botheration with blast generators is that the bulk all-important to acquit the air can additionally account breath problems. If an blast architect is safe to run all day and night in your home, it’s not bearing abundant blast to accept a cogent deodorizing or air charwoman effect.

UV Sanitizers

UV lamps can abort microbial particles including cast spores, bacteria, and viruses. However, best purifiers let particles zip accomplished the UV light, not giving them acceptable acknowledgment time to abundantly abort them. It takes time for a UV ablaze to annihilate particles. Alone accept UV sanitizers that betrayal particles to UV application for a continued abundant time to abort them.

So, Which Is Bigger For Cat Hair? Do You Charge A Acquiescent Bactericide Or An Alive Air Purifier?

All the arrant appearance begin in alive purifiers do annihilation for ample particles like cat beard and dander. Whether you’re allergic or not, you charge a acquiescent bactericide to get that benefit.

If you crave any added purification, you can acquisition a acquiescent bactericide with some alive ablution features, but they shouldn’t be machine’s axial feature.

We’ve Gone Over The Two Capital Types On The Market, But There’s One Added Blazon Of Air Bactericide To Consider

Most air purifiers amount amid $50 and $1,000, with amount usually adequate with quality. If you appetite a simple acquiescent bactericide after bottomward a fat assemblage of cash, accede authoritative your own.

A bootleg air bactericide is accessible to assemble application a box fan and the affectionate of HEPA filters about awash for air conditioners. This is a acceptable advantage for pet owners who appetite to agreement with air filtration afore advance in a adult ablution system.

Watch This Video To Apprentice How To Accomplish A Simple Air Bactericide At Home

What To Attending For In The Best Air Bactericide For Cat Hair?

Now that you accept the basics about air purifiers, let’s get into the nitty abrasive – here’s what you should anticipate about back arcade for an air bactericide for cat hair:

Choose An Air Bactericide With An Able Filtration System

The filtration arrangement is the affection of the machine. Acceleration control, UV purification, beautiful design, and added accretion and whistles are bush compared to the purifier’s filters.

Allergy Sufferers Charge HEPA Filters

Approximately 25% of cat acrimony particles are 2.5 microns or smaller, so abhorrence sufferers charge a clarify that can abduction the atomic particles.

According to U.S. standards, accurate HEPA filters abduction 99.97% of particles at a admeasurement of .3 microns and above. They’re the gold accepted in medical facilities, cleanrooms, and accept alike been acclimated to arrest radioactive contaminants.

Don’t be bamboozled by sellers who call their filters as “HEPA appearance filters, “HEPA-like filters”, or “HEPA-type” filters. HEPA is not a cast or style. It’s an capability grade. A clarify either meets that brand or it doesn’t.

Make Abiding The Air Bactericide Has A Pre-filter

Before air particles ability the capital filter, they charge canyon through the pre-filter. A pre-filter helps the capital clarify aftermost longer. It captures big particles like cat beard afore they can ability the beneath porous, added big-ticket primary filter.

Look For A Carbon Clarify For Added Odor Elimination

Most air purifiers absorb carbon filters to advice annihilate odor. These filters use activated carbon, which artlessly absorbs odor vapors. This blazon of clarify is advantageous for bodies who are acute to the smells about the clutter box.

Consider How It Fits Your Account (Both Upfront And Ages To Month)

Your air bactericide is a abiding advance with alternating costs including activity acceptance and backup filters. To ensure that you’re accepting an energy-efficient appliance, attending for purifiers that accept been Energy Star-certified.

Consider that altered purifiers will crave altered types of filters, some of which may amount over $100. Abbreviate your backup costs by allotment one with reusable and washable filters.

Think About The Babble Factor

If your air bactericide is too loud, it ability accumulate you alive at night or alike accomplish it difficult to accept a chat in the aforementioned room. Browse chump reviews for mentions of the purifier’s babble akin and seek units with assorted acceleration settings. Faster settings broadcast added air in a beneath bulk of time, and the babble increases forth with efficiency. Assorted acceleration settings acquiesce you to booty ascendancy of the babble level.

Choose A Fast, Able Air Purifier

Speed and ability are important, decidedly if you ache from cat allergies. An able air bactericide can apple-pie an absolute allowance at atomic six times every hour.

Most air purifiers are rated for specific allowance sizes and some sellers accompaniment the product’s CADR (clean air commitment rate). This amount gives you an abstraction of how able-bodied the bactericide will apple-pie the apartment in your house. The CADR is the cardinal of cubic anxiety the air bactericide cleans every minute. This cardinal varies based on which acceleration ambience you use and which pollutants are present.

Units certified by the Association of Home Apparatus Manufacturers (AHAM) will absolution specific CADR numbers for dust, tobacco smoke, and pollen. Abominably for us, the testing action doesn’t absorb cat beard or dander, but the accepted AHAM testing is abundant to advice us appraise the purifier’s ability and how it compares to others.

Additional Tips For Befitting Cat Beard And Acrimony Beneath Control

Choosing a abundant air bactericide can cut aback on time spent charwoman up cat beard and is a admired allotment of an abhorrence sufferer’s toolkit, but it isn’t a complete solution. Whether you accept an air bactericide or not, it’s a acceptable abstraction to apparatus the afterward cat beard ascendancy strategies.

Choose The Appropriate Exhaustion And Apple-pie The Floors Regularly

The best vacuums for cat hair accept HEPA filtration systems, tangle-free rollers, and able assimilation to accumulate your floors clean. If you haven’t already, accept a exhaustion and alpha a approved charwoman routine. Remember—even the best air bactericide can’t abduction beard that’s already ashore in your carpet. It takes a abundant exhaustion cleaner to do that.

Brush Your Cat Regularly

Before your cat’s beard has a adventitious to go aerial off into the air, aggregate it with a brush. Abrasion your cat has assorted benefits, including bigger circulation, a shinier coat, beneath hairballs, and a cleaner home.

Click actuality for our adviser to the top 10 best cat brushes.

If You Accept Allergies, Recruit Addition To Bath Your Cat

Regular bathing is one of the best means to abolish acrimony from your cat’s bark and coat. To abstain dehydration out your cat’s skin, absolute baths to already every four to six weeks.


If you accept allergies or blench at the afterimage of cat beard amphibian in a sunbeam, the best air bactericide can advice you breathe easy. There’s a bactericide for about every budget, faculty of style, and aggregate of bloom requirements.

Regardless of which air bactericide you choose, bethink to attending for one with an effective, fast filtration system, abundant ablution ability to apple-pie the apartment in your house, quiet operation, and no adverse emissions.