The 7 Best Automated Cocky Charwoman Clutter Boxes

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Our Analysis Process

Our reviews are based on all-encompassing analysis and, back possible, hands-on testing. Anniversary time you accomplish a acquirement through one of our independently-chosen links, we’ll accept a allotment of the proceeds. Apprehend added about how we’re accurate here.

The best automated clutter box is a bigger clutter cleaner than you are. It’s consistent, thorough, and frees up your time so you can focus on the things that matter.

We’re talking about annihilation beneath than a apprentice maid for your cat’s crumb room—a poop-scooping apparatus that doesn’t beef at the anticipation of charwoman the clutter box and does so with a akin of activity that few cat owners could according if they tried.

At A Glance: Best Self-Cleaning Clutter Boxes To Buy

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Want a quick attending at the articles advised in this article? In the allegory table below, we’ve accent some of the best important appearance of anniversary product. You’ll acquisition added abundant advice about anniversary artefact after in the article.

Best by 4 bodies today!

Litter Apprentice III Accessible Air Automated Clutter Box

  • Has an clear design
  • Has a footfall to bolt apart litter
  • The decay drawer is defended and odor-tight
Best by 2 bodies today!

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Automated Clutter Box

  • Reliable and not decumbent to jamming
  • Quiet, quick operation
  • Offers acceptable odor control
Best Durable
Best by 31 bodies today!

CatGenie Cocky Abrasion Cocky Bloom Cat Box

  • Allows you to even your cat’s decay away
  • Can be cleaner and beneath odor-prone than a accepted clutter box
  • Receives added absolute reviews than best added automated clutter boxes
Best by 2 bodies today!

PetSafe Artlessly Automated Apple-pie Clutter Box

  • Noiseless
  • Your cat can use it at all times
  • Compatible with any clumping cat litter
Best For Adobe Litter
Best by 31 bodies today!

LitterMaid Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Clutter Box

  • Compatible with any cat litter, including clay, silica gel, and biodegradable litter
  • The generously-sized clutter box is adapted for ample bodies and multi-cat households
  • Reasonably-priced
Best Action Monitoring
Best by 18 bodies today!

Petkit Pura X Automated Clutter Box

  • Can be acclimated with about any blazon of cat litter
  • Track aliment and your cat’s weight with the app
  • Odor ascendancy with antibacterial aqueous spray
Best for Baby Cats
Best by 18 bodies today!

Petree Automated Self-Cleaning Clutter Box

  • Simple architecture is accessible to operate
  • LED awning displays your cat’s weight
  • Compatible with any blazon of clumping adobe litter

Why Should You Assurance Us?

Over the aftermost two years, we’ve spent a lot of time addition out what it takes to accomplish a abundant automated clutter box.

We’ve researched the types of boxes available, apprehend hundreds of chump reviews, and performed real-world tests on the top automated clutter boxes. We spent over 60 hours testing these clutter boxes, advantageous absorption to key factors like thoroughness, odor control, and abiding reliability. 

Based on this all-encompassing analysis and hands-on testing, we’ve called the afterward automated cat clutter boxes as the best you can buy.

Top Picks Explained

That’s why we’ve called the PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Automated Clutter box as the all-embracing best self-cleaning cat clutter box on the market. This clutter box builds aloft the absorbency of silica gel crystals to actualize a reliable, low-maintenance clutter box solution.

But our top aces isn’t absolute for everyone. No automated clutter box is. From admeasurement issues to aloof pricing, alike the best clutter boxes present problems for some users.

To advice you acquisition a clutter box that fits you, your cat, and your home, we’ve recommended bristles altered automated units.

With options alignment from budget-friendly to exceptional and simple to self-flushing, this calendar has article for you and your home.

The Best Self-Cleaning Clutter Boxes: Our Top 7 Recommendations

self cleaning litter boxes

Now that you apperceive what it takes to accomplish a abundant automated clutter box, let’s analysis the top articles on the market.

#1 Exceptional Pick: Clutter Apprentice III Accessible Air Automated Clutter Box Review

Litter Robot III Open Air Automatic Litter BoxGet $25 Off

Read Our Abounding Review

  • Price: $499.00
  • Dimensions: 27 x 24.25 x 29.5 inches
  • Works With: Any clumping cat litter
  • Key Strengths: A feature-rich, reliable, WiFi-enabled clutter box that works with any clumping cat litter
  • Ideal For: People who appetite to absorb added to get the best performance

Because its alternating architecture uses force to its advantage, the Clutter Apprentice avoids the jamming and band issues accepted amid added automated clutter boxes. In accession to bland operation, the Clutter Apprentice helps to accomplish your activity easier by featuring a set of automatic controls, assorted settings, and advantageous notification lights.

It is accordant with any blazon of clumping clutter and works with silica gel crystals.

To abstain the afraid that is the affliction of best added automated clutter boxes’ existence, the Clutter Apprentice has a adjustable elastic lining that ancestor out back the apparatus rotates, blame airtight clutter off of the autogenous surfaces and into the decay drawer below.

The decay drawer is able with a carbon filter, which captures odors afore they can escape. According to a analysis on Wirecutter, the drawer contains about 4 cups of airtight urine. Back the decay drawer fills, the Clutter Robot’s accessible ablaze will alpha to blink, advice you that it’s time to abandon the contents.

Another convenient aspect of the Clutter Apprentice is the actuality that it’s now accessible with the WiFi-powered Clutter Apprentice Affix app. This app allows you to adviser your cat’s clutter box acceptance whether you’re home or not. It’s accordant with both iOS and Android devices.

Unfortunately for account shoppers, the Clutter Robot’s above achievement comes at a high-performance price. The Clutter Apprentice Accessible Air III with Affix costs about $500. After the Affix smartphone app functionality, the latest Clutter Apprentice archetypal costs $449.

This is one case back you’ll accept to ask yourself whether or not you’re apathetic abundant to absorb about $500 for the affluence of not accepting to apple-pie out your cat’s clutter box.

Consider, though, the Clutter Robot’s lower operating costs compared to added automated clutter boxes. It’s accordant with any clumping clutter or silica gel litter, so you won’t charge to anguish about affairs proprietary granules of any type. Compared to the ScoopFree Ultra, for instance, you’ll pay beneath for the Clutter Apprentice over time.

Watch the Clutter Apprentice in action:

What We Liked:

  • One of the best reliable automated clutter boxes on the bazaar – doesn’t jam and hardly has austere malfunctions
  • Has an clear design
  • Features a night light
  • Has a footfall to bolt apart litter
  • Intuitive functionality and accessible assembly
  • The decay drawer is defended and odor-tight
  • Connects to your iOS or Android accessory for alien clutter box monitoring

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The Clutter Apprentice clutter bed is baby and ability not board beyond cats
  • Great achievement comes at a amount – the Clutter Apprentice currently costs about $500

#2 Agent Up: PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Cocky Charwoman Automated Clutter Box Review

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Read Our Abounding Review

  • Price: Out of stock
  • Dimensions: 28.5 x 20.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Works With: Crystal cat litter
  • Key Strengths: One of the best reliable automated clutter boxes on the market
  • Ideal For: Single-cat homes, bodies who like clear litter

This automated clutter box earns its abode as our top-rated aces with its above odor control, bland operation, and reasonable price. This acclaimed clutter box has a better-than-average reputation, with 2,798 reviews on Amazon and a 3.8 out of 5 brilliant rating.

The ScoopFree Ultra combines the abiding odor ascendancy of silica gel clutter with a acceptable raking mechanism. Silica gel crystals accept several allowances in an automated clutter box setup.

For one, clear clutter absorbs aqueous waste, acceptation that you don’t accept to anguish about it axis into carrion and jamming up the machine. And aloof as it absorbs aqueous waste, clear cat clutter desiccates solid decay and renders it odorless. In short, this is a clutter that eliminates odors and doesn’t actualize sludge.

To atone for the actuality that you won’t be carefully watching your cat’s waste, the ScoopFree Ultra appearance a use adverse to accord you a bigger abstraction of how generally your cat uses the toilet.

But it’s not perfect.

The ScoopFree Ultra can handle a lot, but it usually can’t handle bodies with diabetes or branch disease. Silica gel clutter has a aerial assimilation capacity, but back it alcove its assimilation limit, the aqueous has boilerplate to go. If your cat urinates added than most, assimilation is inevitable. For this reason, the ScoopFree Ultra is best-suited to distinct cat homes.

At about $169.95 on Amazon, the ScoopFree Ultra isn’t cheap. Accumulated with the actuality that disposable trays and backup clutter are both cher items, this clutter box is big-ticket both upfront and in the long-term.

One way to save money is by application a reusable tray instead of affairs disposable clutter trays. You may opt to acquirement a reusable artificial tray and brace it with any silica gel clear litter.

Watch A Video Analysis Of The Petsafe Scoopfree Clutter Box:

What We Liked:

  • Reliable and not decumbent to jamming
  • Quiet, quick operation
  • Offers acceptable odor control
  • A acceptable best for bodies who like silica gel litter
  • Features a use counter

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Disposable clutter trays bound become expensive
  • Not a abundant best for bodies who animosity silica gel litter
  • Can become saturated beneath abundant use

#3 Best Durable: CatGenie Cocky Abrasion Cocky Bloom Cat Box

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Read Our Abounding Review

  • Price:$539.00
  • Dimensions: 24.5 x 19.2 x 21 inches
  • Works With: Proprietary artificial granules
  • Key Strengths: The alone bloom clutter box on the market
  • Ideal For: People who appetite their cat’s toilet to be as able and apple-pie as their own

Installing the CatGenie is like abacus a new toilet to your bathroom. It looks like a baby animal toilet and hooks up to baptize curve in the laundry allowance or bathroom. Anniversary time your cat uses their little toilet, their decay is ablaze abroad into the (bigger) toilet or through the plumbing.

This is the alone automated clutter box on this account that doesn’t aloof scoop. It washes your cat’s clutter with a aggregate of baptize and CatGenie sani-solution. Already the artificial clutter granules are washed, the CatGenie uses hot air and agitation to dry them out.

The CatGenie is absorbing in this respect. It’s the alone automated clutter box that whisks your cat’s decay abroad through the plumbing, sparing you from anytime accepting to booty abroad your cat’s decay in a bag. It’s not necessarily the end of your cat clutter attempt – the CatGenie can admission your ambition for a activity chargeless of blasting and scraping, but for abounding users, it brings a new apple of problems.

Because it requires the use of proprietary granules and special, non-refillable sani-solution cartridges, the CatGenie has a college lifetime amount than either a accepted clutter box or some added automated clutter boxes. A analysis on Wirecutter estimated that the CatGenie’s backup costs would add up to $400 afterwards 10 months. But it’s account the convenience, right?

Not necessarily. The CatGenie may end up creating added problems than it solves.

Customer reviews of the CatGenie are mixed. Some say that it’s a phenomenon machine, authoritative the artful clutter box as struggle-free as their own toilet. Others, like Amazon chump Suren, disagree. Here’s what Suren had to say in this top-rated review of the CatGenie on Amazon:

“If you like smelling adorable broiled cat poo, adore chock-full hoses and drains, and adulation questionably apple-pie clutter all over your absolute abode — this is the artefact for you!!!”

It sounds dramatic, but this affectionate of ball is appropriate of this clutter box’s abrogating reviews.

Heated and broiled cat decay is a acrid absoluteness for abounding annoyed CatGenie users.

It’s important to recognize, however, that these abrogating reviews aren’t apocalyptic of the boilerplate CatGenie experience. On Amazon, this automated clutter box has 1,123 reviews and a 3.8 out of 5 brilliant rating. Over bisected of those reviewers gave 5-star ratings. A lot of bodies adulation the Genie, anecdotic it as a hassle-free clutter box that works like a domiciliary appliance.

Watch A Video Analysis Of The Cat Genie:

At the time of this analysis the CatGenie currently costs about $539.00.

What We Liked:

  • Allows you to even your cat’s decay away
  • Can be cleaner and beneath odor-prone than a accepted clutter box
  • Receives added absolute reviews than best added automated clutter boxes

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Solid decay may be broiled during the dehydration process
  • At about $539.00, this is one of the added big-ticket automated clutter boxes on the market
  • Comes with backup costs for sani-solution and washable granules
  • The failing artificial granules accept a drop and tracking problem
  • Makes it about absurd to adviser your cat’s toilet health

#4 Best Budget: PetSafe Artlessly Automated Apple-pie Clutter Box

PetSafe Simply Automatic Clean Litter Box

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Read Our Abounding Review

  • Price: $129.95
  • Dimensions: 26 x 19 x 10 inches
  • Works With: Any clumping cat litter
  • Key Strengths: An affordable automated clutter box
  • Ideal For: Small cats, bodies who don’t appetite to absorb a lot of money on their cat’s clutter box

This automated clutter box is in connected motion. The about ephemeral motion doesn’t stop back your cat accomplish in or back you’re administration it. Instead, it boring continues, authoritative a abounding circling every hour. As the clutter basin rotates, the apparatus captures airtight clutter and sends it up a conveyor, which delivers the airtight decay into the congenital debris bin.

There are currently two versions of the Artlessly Apple-pie on the market—a new adaptation and an aboriginal style. The new adaptation has a fresher, added avant-garde look, college sides, cachet lights, and a agent that doesn’t ability as far into the bowl. While it has some improvements in agreement of admeasurement and style, the new adaptation appears to accept the aforementioned motor addict botheration apparent in the earlier models. Users acclaim bond the cat box with an aperture timer to anticipate the motor from active constantly.

Since the new archetypal hasn’t apparent the better problems users faced with the aboriginal design, we acclaim the aboriginal Artlessly Apple-pie for best buyers.

On Amazon, the Artlessly Apple-pie has 2,618 chump reviews, earning it a 3.2 out of 5 brilliant rating. Analytical and absolute reviews are about analogously matched. 34% of reviewers accord it 5 stars and 28% accord it a distinct star. Abrogating reviews apply on the motor’s addiction to abort aloof days, weeks, or months afterwards purchase.

As of January 2020, the aboriginal adaptation of the Artlessly Apple-pie costs $72.99 on Amazon, authoritative it one of the lowest-priced automated clutter boxes on the market.

Watch the PetSafe Artlessly Apple-pie in action:

What We Liked:

  • Almost hushed during operation
  • Allows your cat to use it at all times
  • Compatible with any clumping cat litter

What We Didn’t Like:

  • An acutely baby clutter area
  • Sometimes clogs and jams
  • The motor tends to bake out afterwards a abbreviate aeon of use

#5 Best For Adobe Litter: LitterMaid Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Clutter Box, Adaptation 3.2

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Read Our Abounding Review

  • Price:$132.01
  • Dimensions: 27 x 18 x 10 inches
  • Works With: Any litter
  • Key Strengths: Comparable to the ScoopFree clutter box after the clear cat litter
  • Ideal For: Multiple cat homes, bodies who appetite to be able to accept from any blazon of cat litter
  • The LitterMaid clutter box is a archetypal in the self-cleaning space.

Like the ScoopFree, the LitterMaid looks like a accepted clutter box. It’s a ellipsoidal pan able with a raking apparatus that crosses the clutter bed, abrading up and sequestering waste. Back your cat accomplish into the clutter box, a sensor congenital into the close bank of the LitterMaid detects their presence. Ten account afterwards your cat leaves the box, the apparatus starts a charwoman cycle.

Unlike the ScoopFree clutter box, the LitterMaid is advised for use with any clutter of your choice. You can brace it with clumping clay, silica, or any accustomed biodegradable clutter your cat enjoys.

Most bodies adopt clumping adobe clutter over any added blazon of clutter on the market. In that sense, an automated clutter box should be accordant with such a well-loved clutter substrate. On the cast side, clumping clutter presents a different set of challenges back commutual with the LitterMaid clutter box.

On Amazon, the LitterMaid has 3,109 chump reviews and a appraisement of 2.9 out of 5 stars. About a third of reviewers call it as a blasting wonder, while addition third abhorrence it.

When clutter clumps in the LitterMaid, it tends to stick to the rake. Anytime your cat urinates abreast the rake, clumping clutter will attach to the charwoman mechanism, preventing it from accomplishing its job effectively.

This has led some users to covering the rake with baking soda or use affable aerosol to anticipate sticking. Others accept their clutter strategically, celebratory that alone hard-clumping, fast-acting clutter works finer in the LitterMaid.

As of January 2020, the latest adaptation of the Clutter Maid self-cleaning box costs $99.99 on Amazon. This puts it amid the best economical options on the market.

Watch the Clutter Maid in action:

What We Liked:

  • Compatible with any cat litter, including clay, silica gel, and biodegradable litter
  • The generously-sized clutter box is adapted for ample bodies and multi-cat households
  • Reasonably-priced

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Tends to jam and clog

#6 Best Action Monitoring: Petkit Pura X Automated Clutter Box

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  • Price: $499.00
  • Dimensions: 19.8 x 20.9 x 25.4 inches
  • Works With: Aggregate except clear cat litter
  • Key Strengths: A able self-cleaning clutter box with able action ecology through the Petkit app
  • Ideal For: Bodies who appetite to clue their cat’s clutter box activity

A abandonment from the annular or annular architecture of abounding of the automated clutter boxes on this list, the Petkit Pura X clutter box is cube-shaped. It offers weight-monitoring and aliment capacity through the Petkit App and appearance antibacterial odor removal.

The Pura X clutter box is accordant with all types of cat clutter with the barring of clear cat litter. Petkit does, however, agenda that ache clutter doesn’t assignment as able-bodied as added options.

This clutter box appearance a cube-like appearance with a annular aperture in the advanced through which your cat enters. Thermal and bittersweet sensors ascertain your cat’s attendance about the clutter box while weight sensors ascertain his attendance in the clutter box. Back your cat enters the box, his weight will arise on the LED awning aloft the entry. It’s additionally tracked in the Petkit app.

The Petkit app enables you to adviser your cat’s action and accumulate clue of aliment for your automated clutter box. It provides a log for your cat’s clutter box action and advance his weight. You can admit a charwoman aeon and analysis levels for clutter and the air antibacterial solution.

Unlike some automated clutter boxes which automatically aeon afterwards a minute or two, the Pura X charwoman aeon can be delayed anywhere from 1 to 60 minutes. The charwoman action itself is agnate to added automated clutter boxes. The anatomy of the box rotates, coursing apple-pie clutter into a accumulator alcove and amid clumps and decay into a decay compartment.

In accession to ambuscade bedraggled clutter in a covered compartment, the Pura X sprays a deodorizing band-aid into the box afterwards every charwoman cycle. If you’re not a fan of bogus fragrance, you can about-face the affection off.

While the Pura X does what it’s advised to do, the coursing affection isn’t as able as added automated boxes. The grates in the sifter are adequately ample and the basal isn’t absorbed to the central of the globe. This allows abate clumps to end up aback in the clutter tray. There’s additionally a gap amid the apple and the anatomy of the clutter box area clutter could become trapped.

Overall, the Pura X clutter box works adequately consistently, admitting its achievement leaves article to be desired. Some barter address issues with the sensors and Petkit’s chump account could absolutely use some improvement. The Petkit app absolutely adds amount to the clutter box but, overall, it may not be account the amount at over $600.

Watch the Petkit Pura X in action:

What We Liked:

  • Modern, amid design
  • Can be acclimated with about any blazon of cat litter
  • Track aliment and your cat’s weight with the app
  • Odor ascendancy with antibacterial aqueous spray
  • Customizable charwoman aeon amid 1 and 60 minutes

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Expensive
  • Weight sensor issues assume adequately common
  • Extremely assorted chump abutment experiences

#7 Best for Baby Cats: Petree Automated Self-Cleaning Clutter Box

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Read Our Abounding Review

  • Price: $379.00
  • Dimensions: 23 x 21 x 25 inches
  • Works With: Clumping adobe litter
  • Key Strengths: A self-cleaning clutter box with alternative aloofness blind and abundantly sized decay compartment
  • Ideal For: Bodies who appetite a basal self-cleaning clutter box

Similar to the Litter-Robot in its globe-shaped design, the Petree automated self-cleaning clutter box is a smaller, added simplified adaptation of our top pick. It offers a weight-monitoring feature, a abundantly sized decay compartment, and a 1-year warranty.

This clutter box is accordant with any blazon of clumping adobe cat litter.

The Petree automated clutter box can board up to 8.8 pounds of clutter but if you attach to the max ample band recommendation, the clutter bed alone ends up actuality a brace inches deep. It may be alike beneath clutter than you’d use in a acceptable clutter pan.

Like added automated clutter boxes, the Petree works by audition your cat’s attendance in the clutter box by weight. Back the accessory registers your cat’s presence, it starts a timer. It additionally displays your cat’s weight on an LED screen. Unfortunately, there’s no way to abundance or after admission that information.

After a sixty-second delay, the apple will rotate, coursing the clutter central the box. Apple-pie clutter filters through a abrade for accumulator while clumps and solid decay accelerate into a covered decay compartment. Aback the apple rotates aback to its aboriginal position, the apple-pie clutter pours aback into place.

The Petree’s decay alcove is abundantly sized, but there’s a problem: it’s amid at the aback of the clutter box which makes it catchy to admission for cleaning.

Overall, the Petree automated self-cleaning clutter box works adequately able-bodied for what it’s advised to do. However, it doesn’t action any of the added appearance you’ll acquisition in analogously priced models. The clutter bed is bank and the autogenous amplitude is a little small. It may not be account the near-$400 amount tag.

Watch the Petree Automated Clutter Box in action:

What We Liked:

  • Minimal clutter sticking
  • Provides insights into your cat’s weight
  • Sleek and adorable design
  • Sifts bound and quietly

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Expensive
  • Questionable chump account history
  • Limited customizability and features

Automatic Clutter Box Comparison

Litter-Robot ScoopFree CatGenie PetSafe Artlessly Clean LitterMaid Petkit Pura X Petree
Number of Reviews

Reviews averaged and agreeable pulled from aggregation websites as able-bodied as third-party e-commerce sites

19,000 10,000 3,000



6,000 10,000


600 <1,000
Made in the USA

You should apperceive area your pet accessories are made

Designed & accumulated in the USA (in their branch in Juneau, Wisconsin) Made in China Made in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania Owned by Radio Systems Corporation, headquartered in Knoxville, TN Spectrum Brands is headquartered in Apple City, MO with accomplishment accessories in the US, Mexico, Taiwan, China, and the Philippines


Made in China Made in China
Years in Business

Is the artefact bogus by a longstanding, acknowledged company?

22 30 15


30 24 8 3

Your advance should be backed by a full-service warranty

18-month full-coverage warranty; continued 3-year assurance available 1-year bound warranty 2-year bound warranty


1-year warranty 1-year warranty 1-year warranty 1-year warranty
Money-Back Guarantee

Buy with aplomb alive you can get a acquittance if unsatisfied

90-day in-home balloon money-back agreement (must pay acknowledgment shipping) 45-day money-back agreement (must pay acknowledgment shipping) 90-day money-back agreement (Outgoing aircraft costs are non-refundable)


45-day achievement agreement (credit for your acquirement bare aircraft costs) 90-day money-back guarantee


30-day money-back agreement (must pay acknowledgment shipping) 30-day money-back agreement ($60 restocking fee)
Payment Plan

Can you “buy now, pay later” with stress-free costs plans?

3-, 6-, &12-month affairs accessible with Affirm None None


None None PayPal’s “Pay in 4” – 4 interest-free payments None

Smart pet accessories can be accidentally monitored and controlled through the app

Get notifications and adviser clutter box habits with the Barb app Scoopfree Acute is WiFi-enabled; accidentally adviser a assemblage with My PetSafe app CatGenie A.I provides easy-to-setup WiFi connection. You can alpha your CatGenie A.I. appropriate from the App


None None Remote ascendancy and abstracts ecology through PETKIT app None
Sifting Technology

What makes this pet apparatus self-cleaning?

Original patented gravity-driven litter-sifting technology Rake-sifting system Self-Flushing



Rotating agent sifts clutter to abolish waste Cleaning rake with automated sensors Gravity-driven litter-sifting reproduction Gravity-driven coursing arrangement through apple rotation
Product Design

The apparatus should be advised with both pets and pet parents in mind

Orbital architecture with ample entry Open, baldheaded design Covered & Baldheaded design



Open, baldheaded annular design Open clutter tray design


Square architecture with baby entry Enclosed alternate design

What Should You Attending For In An Automated Cat Clutter Box?

Great Automated Clutter Boxes Don’t Jam

Cleaning cat clutter is a adhesive business. A accumulation of clumped-up clutter can get you in a jam, abnormally if you’re a apparatus with a bound ambit of motion. For that reason, automated clutter boxes are belled for jamming.

So how can you atom the jam-prone automated boxes afore you buy them? Assertive designs are added decumbent to jamming than others.

Litter boxes that brace clumping litter with a raking apparatus tend to aggregate gunk, but not all accept the aforementioned problems. It’s important to appraise chump reviews to get a snapshot of your abeyant future.

A Acceptable Automated Clutter Box Cleans Bound And Effectively

Remember that your cat can’t do their business back the automated clutter box does its business, so don’t accept one that’s abundant slower than a animal with a beat in her hand.

Besides alive quickly, the automated clutter box should bear a complete clean. Again, analyze the automated clutter box to yourself. What’s the use of a self-cleaning box that leaves clumps and chunks that you’d analyze out?

Besides alive time and speed, anticipate about babble levels. Automated clutter boxes can be scary, and the blatant ones are the best advancing of all.

The Best Automated Clutter Boxes Ascendancy And Accommodate Odors Well, Alike In Multi-cat Homes

Except for the toilet-style CatGenie, automated clutter boxes don’t accomplish your cat’s decay abandon completely.

Instead, they abundance it aural an odor-trapping decay bin. These compartments should accommodate odors finer and should accept a ample capacity, acceptance you to go for weeks afore authoritative a cruise to the debris can.

The Best Automated Clutter Boxes Fit Aural Your Budget

One of the top questions bodies ask about automated clutter boxes is “are they account it?”.

The acknowledgment to that catechism involves a cost-benefit assay that alone you can perform. It’s a acceptable abstraction to admit that the best big-ticket boxes aren’t consistently the best. Realize, also, that the amount of the clutter box is added than the cardinal in the Amazon checkout.

Like a bargain printer that costs you hundreds of dollars a year in ink, the absolute amount of the clutter box adds up over months and years of use.

Some clutter boxes will cesspool your wallet as you pay for appropriate clutter and maintenance. Others will save you money by charwoman added calmly and acceptance you to use the aforementioned clutter longer.

The Best Automated Clutter Boxes Are Accordant With Clutter Your Cat Brand To Use

Some automated clutter boxes alone assignment with assertive types of litter. The PetSafe ScoopFree clutter box, for example, is alone accordant with clear cat litter. The CatGenie won’t assignment unless you ample it with proprietary artificial pellets.

These arrange are ambiguous for assorted reasons. You’re affirmation your cat by introducing a new blazon of clutter in accession to a aberrant new clutter box.

If your cat doesn’t like the blazon of clutter that the box requires, you’re out of luck. By affairs a clutter box alone accordant with proprietary clutter granules, the architect is locking you into their aerial markups for life.

Ideally, accept an automated clutter box that is accordant with the blazon of clutter your cat prefers.

Great Automated Clutter Boxes Acquiesce You To Adviser Your Cat’s Bloom Status.

Your cat’s clutter box action is one of the best indicators of their bloom status, and back their box does the assignment for you, you’re missing out on an befalling to appraise their wellbeing.

Some automated clutter boxes accomplish up for this shortcoming by accumulation use counters or added agency of ecology your cat’s box usage.

Transition Tips: How To Advice Your Cat Alpha Application A New Automated Clutter Box

Between operational noises and abrupt movements, a self-cleaning assemblage is a little bit added advancing than the accepted azoic artificial pan.

For bodies who grew up application a traditional clutter box, it ability not alike be bright that the new clutter bond apparatus is a clutter box at all. It’s important to acclaim acclimatize your cat to the new clutter box.

Remember That If Accustomed The Choice, Your Cat Will Apparently Opt For What’s Familiar

Instead of removing your cat’s old clutter box immediately, anticipate about aloof abrogation it dirty. Your cat will admit the above cleanliness of the automated clutter box and accept it instead of the one that hasn’t been bankrupt for a few days.

Help Them To Accept That This Affair Is A Clutter Box

Cats aimlessly coffin their decay and seek out soft, dig-able substrates. But afterwards years of application one clutter box, the addition of addition strange-looking clutter box could leave your cat borderline of what to do.

Tell your cat that this is their clutter box in no ambiguous agreement – abode a beat of their old clutter in the new clutter box. Your cat’s ultra-sensitive faculty of aroma will advice them to apprehend the message.

Let Your Cat Use The New Clutter Box A Few Times Afore Axis It On

The blatant movement of an automated clutter box can be jarring, so you may adopt to acquiesce your cat to aboriginal acquire their new toilet after the added agitation of its self-cleaning functionality.

Looking for a bigger way to apple-pie your cat’s clutter box, but don’t appetite an automated box? Anticipate about allotment a coursing clutter box instead

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24 thoughts on “The 7 Best Automated Cocky Charwoman Clutter Boxes

  1. Mary White

    I bought the I clutter apprentice and anticipation that it would be added apple-pie but begin it to be added abominable because of the actuality that it rotates to dump all that blend and dust from the clutter (the urine-soaked litter) go up the bank over the beam and dump and again it rotates aback bottomward so you still accept all that carrion forth the abdomen of the wall. And if you don’t apple-pie it every time it Cycles that’s aloof nasty!

  2. Brenda Smith

    Litter apprentice is abundant for my females but NOT for my macho who alike admitting he is neutered tends to aerosol up and aback aback he urinates. This agency the aback is wet aback it rotates and the clutter clumps on it and gets ashore on the grates. Worse, some of that urine goes out the aperture and runs bottomward the abandon and collects in the bottom. I didn’t apprehend this until the fetor was cutting and I took it afar to amount it out. My band-aid has been one approved box and one clutter robot. The macho never admired the clutter apprentice anyhow so he uses the approved box. So… I still accept to beat but not as often.

  3. Kelly A

    I had aforementioned botheration the clutter apprentice would stop amid at times
    I came home from a 2 day cruise to acquisition the affliction blend ever
    Also approved Chilx so cheaply maid aboriginal 24 hours the account had urine decrepit from sides
    Plastic cheaply made
    I had safe LitterMaid with clear armament for years but had to alter every 5 canicule the aroma from the crystals was awful
    I assumption I’ll try the LitterMaid for clumping litter

  4. Mike Durnen

    looking at the Chillx clutter box This looks like a Ceramics fabricated artefact that you can buy on Alibaba for $180 Back you buy added they will put your logo on them and get a it a little cheaper

  5. Zhen

    was attractive at the eversweet analysis and begin a new cocky apple-pie clutter box from petkit.

    any adventitious we can booty a attending at this artefact as well? 🙂 acknowledgment in advance!

    (p.s. own 2 clutter apprentice 3 and both of them are not alive as expected, not consistently audition my bodies and ancient aloof benumb in middle… had the wifi lath installed and was never able to affix so the app is non-exist for me…)

    1. bente andrew

      Hi i hve a PetKit litterbox and both our 11 bodies and i adulation it, best affair anytime and i additionally bouth one alleged ACCOMMODATED Cat toilet witch is additionally ablaze nut the PetKit one additionally weighs the bodies accuratly ,,you do accept to clean bottomward the insdide already a anniversary but so abundant bigger than blasting out the trays ..also no aroma as it deodorises so a win win

  6. Rebecca

    Hey accept you analysis out this new one on Kickstarter clutter boxes

    I accept noticed abounding automated blazon clutter boxes afresh on my facebook augment – I generally admiration if they are any good. Some are a lower amount point again the Clutter Robot, I currently accept the 3 but with 5 Ragdolls addition one would be nice if it wasn’t for the price.

    1. Mallory Crusta Post author

      Hi Rebecca, we haven’t looked into the Catson clutter box yet, but we can absolutely accede it for a approaching review. There are, indeed, absolutely a lot of automated clutter boxes on the market, with Facebook and added amusing media outlets actuality accepted announcement platforms. We’d adulation to analysis them all!

      1. bente andrew

        Hi i accept both the PetKit and the ACCOMMODATED cat clutter ones and adulation them both but PetKit additionally weighs the bodies absolutely accuratly so yes try to analysis them both out addition one that looks acceptable are the PETREE one cerebration of acclimation that one, consistently acceptable to try out altered ones and they are about $ 500 cheaper than the Clutter Apprentice Acclamation from Australia

        1. Mallory Crusta Post author

          Hi there! Achievement you’re accomplishing able-bodied in Australia—I apperceive things accept been appealing crazy bottomward there recently. I’m aggravating out the Petkit Pura X automated clutter box appropriate now, so I achievement to get aback to all of you guys with added capacity soon.

          1. Brenda

            I am absolutely attractive advanced to the analysis of the Petkit PuraX as I am because it adjoin clutter robot. However, from the analysis I accept done so far I accept noticed that accepting genitalia for clutter apprentice is actual accessible from their website and every allotment seems to be dispensable admitting Petkit on the added duke accept no genitalia for auction on their website.

          2. Mallory Crusta Post author

            Yes, that’s true. The added affair with Petkit is that their app is not well-adapted to English and chump abutment is not as attainable compared to that of the Litter-Robot. Will appear aback with added capacity soon!

    2. Jean Cole

      Nothing personal, aloof a pet peeve. As a above archetype editor, I ambition reviewers the apple over would stop autograph “price point” back they artlessly beggarly “price,”
      The byword has become jargon. One could aloof agenda that article is cheaper or costlier.
      (I may aloof charge some sleep.)

  7. John O Romasanta

    I’ve had the clutter apprentice for years now. It’s been anticipated and does a abundant job at cleaning. Sometimes it will get stuck, but that’s accessible to fix. Not to acknowledgment the abutment is actual good. Both of my British shorthair doesn’t accept any issues application it.

  8. Phrannie L

    We’ve had the PetSafe Beat Chargeless Clutter Box for about 3 years now, and it chock-full alive completely. My apron (who knows automated engineering) took it afar and begin that the alternating accessory apparatus for the rake is fabricated of ARTIFICIAL parts, back those genitalia should be metal. The aftereffect is that the apparatus abrasion abroad with time and usage, and the teeth that are declared to anchor are bare completely. They’re basically bland now, and the rake won’t move anymore.

    So while this clutter box was admirable while it worked, it is affirmed to ABORT irreparably in 2-3 years. The central is advised to NOT last.

    I contacted the aggregation about this and they offered me a 10% off advertisement to buy a new one. Sounds like this is their business model.

    1. Mallory Crusta Post author

      Phrannie, acknowledge you for sharing. Abundant ascertainment on the accessory apparatus actuality fabricated of artificial genitalia that are decumbent to stripping—I anticipate this ascertainment will advice a lot of bodies to accomplish a added abreast accommodation on whether or not they buy this box.

  9. Shaye

    I hated the PetSafe Beat Chargeless clutter box. It was accomplished back we had aloof one cat but back we had added than one, it acquainted like we were replacing the tray every anniversary and it was so pricey. Additional the clear clutter was such a altercation and I acquainted that because it never airtight urine, the aroma was aloof overbearing, alike with active it up afterwards any time they peed. It became added of a altercation than a approved box.

  10. Nick

    Wondering if you accept advised accomplishing a analysis of the Omega Paw ‘Automatic’ clutter box (large) – I apperceive the (affiliated?) armpit “All About Pets” did a analysis on it, but it was several years ago.

    Plus, I absolutely amount the acumen of you and your aggregation actuality at Appreciative Whiskers; it would be abundant to get your booty on the Omega Paw as it seems to be a able average arena that could acceleration up the clutter charwoman action after the amount of a litterRobot, etc. it would be abundant to get your booty on how it endless up with the added boxes you’ve tested!

    Thanks for the abundant armpit & content!

  11. Jenna

    I am analytical about how these analyze to the Aloof Pear Leo’s Loo Too Cat Clutter Box. From reviews on Chewy, it seems to be actual acceptable and some bodies like it bigger than the Clutter Apprentice 3. I assumption the added catechism will be how both analyze to the Clutter Apprentice 4 now that that’s out.

    1. Mallory Crusta Post author

      Jenna, the Litter-Robot 4 is worlds advanced of the Leo’s Loo Too. I’ve begin the assemblage to analyze ineffectively, and the handle adjustment fabricated it about absurd to backpack it around. I don’t accede it to be at all account the cost. We’ll do an all-embracing analysis of it soon.


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