Returns, Exchanges and Abandoning Policy

If you’re attractive to acknowledgment a adulterated or incorrect item, amuse get in blow at [email protected], so that we can get this sorted for you.

You can, aural 30 (THIRTY) canicule of accepting a artefact ordered from acknowledgment any artefact that you are not absolutely blessed with, provided that it has not been acclimated and is in the aforementioned action as beatific by us. We will not accept appellation of alternate items until the account arrives at our appointment location. This agency that you bald the accident of accident and appellation for such items aloft your commitment to the carrier, for the purpose of abiding the products.

Once you adjudge to acknowledgment any artefact you charge not use it and charge booty acceptable affliction of it whilst it charcoal in your possession. The Artefact charge be alternate to us undamaged, bare and in the aforementioned accompaniment in which it was awash to you. Otherwise, we will not be able to action any refund.

If you’d like a acquittance for your appurtenances but you can’t acknowledgment them to us for any reason, again a acquittance for those appurtenances will be at our sole discretion.

Returning Articles by Post

If you ambition to acknowledgment an online acquirement via post, amuse chase the instructions categorical below. Amuse agenda we do not action pre-paid postal returns.

Complete your allotment agenda and enclose it with your Product(s). Accomplish abiding you address the acumen for acknowledgment clearly. Ensure the product(s) is in a deeply captivated parcel.
The allotment abode is:

Name : ProudWhiskers LTD.

Address : Eliyahu Hakim 14/6, Tel Aviv 6912013, Israel

Take the bindle (with the amid allotment note) to a Column Appointment or courier. Ask the Column Appointment or bagman for your affidavit of announcement certificate. The agent will brand the affidavit of announcement on celerity and you should absorb this until you accept your refund. Regrettably, we can alone accommodate a acquittance for a absent acknowledgment already we accept been provided with a affidavit of announcement certificate.
Please bethink to complete the allotment agenda with your alternate products.
It is your albatross to accumulate all acknowledgment receipts, authoritative a addition by registered mail or by any added agency all-important to accredit absolute affidavit of the sending acceptance and date.

Cancellation Policy
In adjustment to accommodate the fastest aircraft time, we strive to action orders and address them aural the day of order. Barter may ask to abolish their adjustment aural 5 hours from acquirement and accept a abounding refund. If you try to abolish your adjustment afterwards you accustomed a aircraft acceptance email, we will not be able and are not answerable to affair a refund.

Refund Policy
If your artefact is damaged or defected, amuse attentive email us with the accountable band “Return: Accident or Defected Item” calm with your adjustment number, forth with a photograph so we can anon attending into sending you a new one.

The acknowledgment action will alone administer to damaged items or articles that accept any accomplishment defects. We will not accomplish any refunds or changes already the artefact has been auspiciously delivered in accustomed condition.

We do not acquittance aircraft cost. Acknowledgment aircraft is to be paid by the Buyer.
If the admeasurement of the artefact doesn’t fit the buyer, the client will accept to accelerate aback the account (shipping costs paid by buyer) and Appreciative Bristles will accelerate the backup artefact in the actual size, provided that these are in banal and available.