Cat Weight Calculator

Find the ideal weight for your cat's brand and age.

Cat Weight Calculator

Welcome to Appreciative Whiskers’ cat calorie calculator! With this calculator tool, you’ll be able to accept a abundant starting point for compassionate area your kitty’s weight is in affiliation to his or her ideal weight, how abounding calories your cat needs per day, and how abundant of your bristling feline’s adorable aliment to feed!

But afore you use the tool, accomplish abiding to apprehend our addition to the apparatus first, including why it’s important to apperceive if your backing is at an ideal weight, the accent of agriculture the appropriate amounts of food, the dangers of artful obesity, and how the apparatus works to advice get you on the appropriate track.

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Carefully beam your cat’s contour and anatomy composition, again analyze it to the illustrations and descriptions in the blueprint below. Select the cardinal that best carefully describes your cat’s anatomy condition.

Cat Weight Calculator
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Cat's Body Condition 1
Ribs, backbone, pelvic basic stick out. Accident of beef accumulation present. Astringent belly constrict and affecting waistline.
Cat's Body Condition 2
Ribs, pelvis, courage calmly palpated and somewhat visible. Astringent waistline and belly tuck.
Cat's Body Condition 3
Ribs, abdomen and courage apparent with a attenuate band of fat covering. Waistline and belly constrict accessible but not astringent with added bit-by-bit curves.
Cat's Body Condition 4
Ribs covered with abundant fat band acute feel burden to feel. Difficult to feel courage or pelvis. Waistline not apparent. Belly constrict still hardly visible.
Cat's Body Condition 5
Ribs and courage not apparent beneath blubbery fat layer. Belly appendage projects downwardand apparent . Fat deposits on legs, face and over appendage arch accoutrement pelvis.

How’s the Weight, Doc?

This is a catechism abounding pet parents, both backing and pup parents alike, ask during their visits with their vet, but it’s apparently a altercation that could still be had added often.

According to the latest 2018 after-effects from the Affiliation for Pet Blubber Blockage (APOP), which surveys pet parents and veterinary clinics about every two years, about 70% of parents would like to accept cat weight accident and diet discussions with their vet, admitting alone about 60% appear accepting these chats during visits.

This implies that added pet parents appetite to accept these discussions and they charge to be prompted more. Some veterinarians are abashed of aback behind a pet ancestor by cogent them that their cat is overweight. But on the cast side, a pet ancestor may anticipate their cat’s weight is not an affair if their vet doesn’t say annihilation about it.

A calculator apparatus can be accessible to arch this gap, as it can actualize a abundant starting point for those discussions. Instead of bold your kitty’s weight is apparently fine, or allurement a all-encompassing catechism like “How’s the weight, doc?” The catechism can instead be “The online calculator I acclimated said Backing was about 2lb overweight. What can we do about that?”

- Dr. Chris Vanderhoof, DVM